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Please advice me on whether I should take Qlaira for my endometriosis (dtage 1) or natural healing or something else?

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I had my first laparoscopic myomectomy a week ago to remove my myoma (11x10 cm). They also discovered I had Stage 1 Endometriosis. She also fulgrated the endometriosis. I had been on Lupron then Esmya since July. My doctor prescribed me Qlaira so that it wouldn't reoccur. My concern is, should I be worried to embark on a new pill? I mean, I've been on medications since July and I feel like I want to be on a break from pills. I've read all kinda of bad review of Qlaira so I am hesitant to take it. Can I change my diet to naturally heal it instead? What are your thoughts? Please help me.

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