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Anyone had ventrosuspension? And found it to improve painful sex?

Hi everyone i've been through what feels like millions of appointments and 'try this try that' experiments for painful and heavy/irregular periods for the last 9 years since they began.

I had my first laparoscopy in july last year to look for endometriosis but none was found so a mirena coil was inserted to try and help with the symptoms.

I also suffer with really painful sex during and after often with bleeding too, making it nearly impossible for me. So they're going to do ventrosuspension to see if that will help with that side of things, they've said the success rate is quite high although it's not a very common procedure for them.

So I want to know if anyone has an stories of their experiences, good or bad, just so I can get some more info on it.

Thanks in advance xx

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I've had severe dyspareunia from the start but never had this suggested. It seems to be for retroverted wombs only.

This might be of interest ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/1...

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Did you have the ventrosuspension in the end? I've been suffering the exact same issues as you -painful heavy periods and sharp pain during intercourse. I'm currently on the wait list for a ventrosuspension but have been struggling to find anyone who has actually had it done that I can speak with.


I’m still on the waiting list too! They called me the other day actually and asked was i free for a cancellation the following day! But it was a bit too short notice for me so they said i’m looking at about 6-12 more weeks. And yes I know I have struggled to find anyone that’s had it or much information at all! It’s a bit frustrating!


Thanks for getting back to me. You're right -It's beyond frustrating! I got a call for a cancellation too - end of this month, but I still don't know how I feel about the procedure. I just wish I could speak to someone who has had firsthand experience with getting it done.


I know i’m sure i’ve seen a couple of people on here have it done but only at the same time as a few other procedures so it would be kind of impossible to tell what any results were like directly from this! For me personally i definitely think it’s worth a go as it only has a chance of improving things or not it can’t make it any worse so might as well try!

But even on google i can’t seem to find much info or personal experiences about it there’s just nothing anywhere!


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