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Post laparoscopy, pain down below, help!!

I had a laparoscopy excursion of endometriosis 4 days ago, he also was also checking that the endometriosis hadn't spread to my bladder or bowel, so I know obviously there would have been something like a camera going up down below... And then he also replaced my mirena with a new one. But since I've awoken from the procedure although the scars from the laparoscopy are healing well, my down below is VERY sore, it's that sore that trying to pee hurts, wiping hurts everything is hurting there, not in the inside, but outside!

Is this normal!?! I've never had this with previous laparoscopy treatment of endometriosis...

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I couldn't say if that's normal or not. From my experience I didn't have the pain on the outside.

If you're concerned maybe it'd be best to call your GP, GP out of hours or the gyne ward?

Hope you feel better soon x


If it feels more like a skin thing, like a nappy rash on a baby' bum, so when urine gets on it it really hurts, then sudacrem cream is the answer. you might have had a skin reaction to latex or any of the equipment used on you, or the sanitary towel or paper hospital knickers...could be anything that has caused a skin reaction - at any event if it is the skin - adding a cream like sudocrem will form a barrier to protect the skin from the burning feeling of pee, you can top up at any time - e.g. after you have been to the loo and wiped. It allows the skin to heal underneath and is antiseptic and numbs the hurt.

It might also be sign that you have an infection rather than an allergic reaction to something, so if the sudocrem option doesn't solve the problem in a couple of days then do see your GP, but as a first resort, definitely try the nappy rash option. It works a treat for most sore skin probs down below.

It may be nothing more than chafing from paper knickers that set it off - but with each pee it burns a bit more and the area that is sore gets bigger.

If it turns out to be nappy rash or as the sudocrem people call it "incontinence dermatitis" then keep that pot of sudocrem in the cupboard - one small pot lasts for years and it can be used for all sorts of skin issues besides nappy rash. You can buy the pots for about £3 in most supermarkets and chemists - just head for the nappy aisle. It should be next to baby wipes and cotton balls etc.

sudocrem.co.uk/antiseptic-h... is the website - so you know what you are looking for if you have never seen it before. You should notice a difference in minutes of using it, but it will take a few days using it to be healed and no longer need it ..till next time.

With a bit of luck that simple trick should solve the problem, but you can always see the GP if it turns out not to be a touch of nappy rash.


I had this too. They've no doubt been very rough putting your coil in. I went down A&E, and they thought I'd been raped. I think having a coil put in under GA means you can't be positioned easily because your floppy, you can't tell them when it's painful and you can't make any decisions. Was this by chance radical excision therapy conducted privately?


It's not a nappy rash kind if thing I don't think, it's swollen, and there like a open wound there .... (I looked yesterday) and no it was NHS not private, should I go get it checked?


Absolutely. I think you probes need to try to get hold of your gynae. But you might have to go through out of hours to get a referral to emergency gynae. Can you access 111?

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I didn't have it, but prior to having my lap my gynie warmed me that thrush could be a problem afterwards...wasnt exactly sure why maybe something to do with stress or something, but id get it checked out asap especially if its causing so much discomfort xx


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