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Should I see my gap for treatment please see bekow

Hi I've had laporoscopy and been diagnosed with endometriosis in several places I had most of it cut away excepted the specialist said it was on my bowels and unless caused problems was too risky to remove anyway I'm not scheduled an appointment until 26th February! To discuss next steps ie treatment hormones as the clinics are too busy (was meant to be 6 weeks) will the endometriosis grow back by this time with no treatment?

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Meant to say gp and below


Hi I don't no where you come from, but if you can ask to be put on a injection which stops endrometriosis pain, this is what is did and I was on it for some time with no periods or pain, but they say you cannot be on it for life but if your in pain it's worth it. But if your not in any pain then that's fab, but yes endrometriosis isn't never cured but they have different ways of getting rid off it, but your like me I'm having a full hystectomy because mine is stuck to my womb and ovaries, and my bowel is stuck so I could end up with a stoma bag, which they say is slight chance but its scary, so if you can go back and see someone about it try many options before you have to go through this, as I said if your not suffering do not let them touch it as you don't want to have a stoma bag, I hope this helps good luck my friend,I've just found the name off it it's called decapeptyl. Good luck Natalie


Thank you for your help I am 37 have had my children who are now teenagers, I can not be on the pill or any type of pill injection as I had a problem during pregnancy with my second child and affected my liver, however when they thought I had endometriosis they put me on a progestragin course of utovlan tablets so I had no period for three months and it worked not one twinge of pain at all! When I went back to the specialist he was pleased with result but because my mum had suffered and had full hystorectomy when she was 28 as was all in bowels and all over I wanted to know how severe it was so I didn't get any medication in the two months before my laporoscopy and the pain was awful my left hip being the worst could hardly walk properly some days. Had my laporoscopy Monday just gone and he said I had endometriosis in several places he had removed a lot on my right side too and then said about the bowel so I don't know what stage I have I didn't ask questions because I was very drowsy it's been lovely not to have the pain! My only options are the marina coil or the tablets ( although I did put on weight on the tablets) but unsure what to do for he best?


Good luck Natalie hope everything goes well for you! And you won't need the stoma bag xx


Plus I will ask about that injection Natalie I might be ok with that! Thanks again x


Hi Mandajay

To be honest, I'd hang on until the gynae appointment. I know it seems like ages away but it's only two cycles, probably less as you've just had a lap. Seeing as your consultant has literally just been there and seen what's what, he's going to be the best person to advise you on what to do - GPs know a bit about everything but they're not specialists. The worst thing that could happen would be that your consultant is formulating a plan for you based on what he's seen and then your GP gets involved and prescribes something that could potentially cock up what the gynae wants to do.

I suspect you'll end up on the Zoladex/Prostap/Decapeptyl injections too

Good luck! :)

C x


Hi Chrissie,

Thanks for your advise I think you are right I sort of felt panicked by the thought of it being so long as you say it could mess up what he's got planned or surely he'd have sent a prescription through for me I don't even know what stage it is/was or the full story yet so I will hold fire I'm sure two months won't make that much difference

Thanks again xx


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