Symptoms we shouldn't ignore

Hello everyone. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2015 and had an ovarian endometrioma removed in July 2015. Since then I am very lucky to only have a few symptoms and very little discomfort. I've been put on Desogestrel which I seem to get on with and seems to be helping to manage it. However, I do wonder which symptoms are 'normal' and which may be an indicator of something more serious and should not be ignored?

I've changed my diet on the advice of a dietician recently and am doing more exercise. I feel generally very well. Since then though I seem to be having heavier (though not more painful) periods and endometriosis tissue comes out noticeably during this time. Also (though it is hard to tell) I seem to be getting blood in urine. Not all the time, but just when I have my period. Just wondering what is normal and what sort of things we should generally mention to the GP.

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  • Hi, the tissue coming out is more than likely pieces of the womb lining and is nothing to worry about. It happens to a lot of women on hormonal treatment. As for blood in urine, especially if you can actually see it is something that needs investigating. It's more than likely due to endo but could also be various other things . So please get this checked out.

  • Is it normal to happen off of hormonal treatment?

    Before I was put on the pill I kept losing clots and tissue every period after I turned 16 (had period for 8 years by then) I even turned my bath tub water pink (tmi sry).

  • Hi Hannah yeah it can happen.

  • Cyclical blood in urine could be a symptom of bladder Endo so you probably should mention it and get it checked out.

  • Thanks everyone. I am due to see the GP soon anyway and will mention it then.

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