Is my pain the Endometriosis or something else


I found out I have endo in April this year after a laporoscopy, so i am quite new to this.

My question relates to pain i have been getting around 2 days before each period and i just wanted to know if other people have the same.

I get cramp like pain on and off from the day of ovulation to the day my period finishes which i am fairly sure is just the standard endo pain but I have also been getting pain just before my peiod (around 2days before) that comes on all of a sudden feels almost like i would imagine a contraction to feel like, it bends me double crying and unable to move, gives me cold sweats and some times severe diarrheoa, and feels like someone is ripping parts of me out, then it suddenly disappears. This is happening more frequeently now and is getting more severe, does this sound normal to fellow endo sufferers?

Thanks a lot

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  • I think you should go see your GP. I used to get endo pain a day or two before my period (I have the mirena coil, so no more periods for me), but they were more chronic, widespread pain than what you've described.

  • Thanks for your reply, ok I will go to the doctor but last time I went the lady just said "yeah well you just need to have a few kids!" - not that sensitive when we are having fertility problems :-( thanks a lot though I'll go back x

  • Grrr. I was told that after my laparoscopy, too! I agree not very sympathetic. I've just checked with my bf (GP) and he said its severe endo that does that and there isn't alot they can do to help apart from sympathy.

    From your fertility problems comment, I guess you're trying for children. I assume you've tried a fertility clinic?

  • We are getting referred for treatment, we got all the forms the other day, I just find it really difficult not to get upset by it, I'm normally a strong person but this beats me at times :-( have you had children? X

  • I know the feeling - I'm a pretty strong person too, but found myself defeated by endometriosis every month.

    I've not had children, no. I had my lap nearly 5 years ago, and am lucky enough that my endo is controlled by the mirena, but I'm anticipating struggles when we do decide to have children. I wasn't ready for children back then, but have found myself a good bloke, who wants children with me. So the next step is sorting our lives out to accommodate any children we do have...

    Good luck with the fertility treatment - I hope it works out for you. And I hope having children solves your endo problems too, its a pretty devastating illness that deserves more attention than it currently receives.

  • Well great you've found a good bloke and I wish you lots of luck for when you try too :-) one last question have you ever heard if endo coming back within a month of having laser and excision to remove it? Thanks a lot

  • Thanks :)

    Yes - lots of women on here will tell you that their lap didn't seem to help - I don't remember mine making that much difference to me, if I'm honest. I have no doubt that with each cycle, estrogen can, and does, cause any wayward cells that have escaped lasering to respond. I expect the scar tissue could provide a lovely environment for endo redeposition, and it may well deposit on new sites too.

  • I thought that was the case, oh well :-( thanks a lot for all your advice x

  • Sounds like endo at the back - pouch of Douglas/rectum. You're not alone. When you see your gynae tell them about it and ask them to look there too. I am sorry though as it's horrid. As far as I know painkillers don't touch it but going to the toilet helps, not that you get much choice about that xxx

  • Oh and laps do help me. Til it grows back :) (trying to be positive)

  • Ah thanks for your response it has given

    My husband and I peace of mind. It's not nice but hey as long as that's all it is I just need to breath through it I guess, I wonder what is happening inside during those ten min blocks that makes it hurt so much :-(


  • I think it's your organs adjusting to the lining build up being shed. It's all swollen up and then it goes and the body tries to move back. But I scream and cry through them if I need to while my husband looks terrified. Poor sod. I find gripping something or bearing down helps. It's when it happens at work that it's a real issue. Xxx

  • Hi Sami_Kelly, yes it does. Its exactly like mine x

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