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Hey . I had a lap 4 weeks ago to burn my womb and they also steriles me . The pain has not let up . I have been in and out of hospital ever since

Yesterday and today I have been passing out . I have pins and needles down my legs . Severed pain in my stomach and right side and I have a horrible pain in my chest .

I do not know what to do as everytime I go to hospital i feel like they don'

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They don't listen to me and send me home in agony .

Need to add that I'm now got blood in my stools and I'm being sick


U need to get to ur dr or a a&e or even the specialist gynae secretary who did it ...

Even ring 111 explain all ur symptoms, there get u into hosp or dr without u having to

Sit in a&e hopefully....

Whilst ur waiting take some ibuprofen and painkillers and lay with ur legs up....


My Gp can't do Any more .

Funny enough the hospital has tried to find my operation notes but noone can find them


Did your GP say he/she can't do anymore?

It is my experience that GP could refer you directly to Clinical Decisions Unit at Emergency Care (A&E).

So GP phones to arrange the admission and sends you up with a letter.

Hopefully 111 has helped.



I have young children as well so need to sort child care out


Jesus christ that not ur problem( the notes) ring 111

They will get u in somewhere....

It a terrible way to b, i know what it like i was in pain for months and kept goin to a&e and they just dont wana know... turned out i had infection...


I have messaged you x


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