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Why won't the doctors at A+E take me seriously??

Hi everyone, I'm 26 years old and have been diagnosed with endometriosis since I was 17. I've had 3 laparoscopys so far, each showing endo, and tubes stuck to ovaries.

Last night I was taken to hospital by ambulance as I was crippled with pain after working all day. I couldn't walk!! I was vomiting with the pain. I was given gas and air in the ambulance and when I arrived in hospital. This helped. But as soon as I stopped taking it I was in tears.

The doctor came to examine me, he done the usual feel of the tummy and asked questions. Said he had to wait on my bloods. So he returned 40mins later, while I was still rolling around the bed in pain. He said, "your bloods are all fine, unfortunately this is just a flare up if your endometriosis!" He looked at me as if I shouldn't have been there!! Like it was nothing to worry about.... I felt so let down and hurt. I was in agony, and no one was helping me. So after pushing to get seen by a gyne team, turned out I had a small cyst!! I wasn't exaggerating!!

This whole experience has left me fuming!! I'm sick of being treated like a fool and made feel 'it's not that bad!!' I'm finding it really hard to cope with. My whole life is ruled by this horrible condition and no one seems to understand how hard it is!!

Does anyone else get this response? I feel like I'm going mad.

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Oh yes I know that feeling, I too went to a and e last July, in absolute agony, I have bowel disease so luckily I get. Seen quickly, but... As soon as I mentioned I had been diagnosed with endo, in jan this year, everything stopped, I was told it was a flare up, pumped full of morphine and told I could sleep in their little room if I felt I would need more morphine overnight or go home. With a bottle of morphine. I chose to stay as it was already two in the am, my poor partner had to go home finally still worrying, I left at seven the next morning, or rather was thrown out, still in pain etc.

Fast forward one week later, still taking the morphine every four hours, still in pain, go to gP, sent straight to hospital and guess what, a small bowel obstruction due to adhesions, and I was so backed up I looked seven months pregnant. I had this a week before and they could have released it then, but no, as soon as I said the magic word endo, no one is interested and you are over reacting. It's not that bad... Uh huh.

I just wish these people would understand this is a seriously debilitating condition. Hopefully with more and more awareness they will do in the future, we clearly are just not there yet.

I hope you are feeling better and please, keep your chin up.

Steph x x


Hi Steph, thank you for your lovely reply. I'm sorry u've had a rough time too. But you understand how frustrating this is. Personally I think those doctors should have to deal with the concequences if they just fobb people like us off! They don't understand how this is ruining our lives!!

Thankfully I feel much better after taking medication and having a couple of days in bed. :) Thank you for taking the time to reply xx


It's appalling! I'm an a&e nurse and I know that as soon as you mention gynea problems it's like they don't want to know... It's awful but I see the judgemental attitudes first hand it's like they think all women with a gynea condition are just neurotic and too difficult to manage. Lots of hospitals now have gynea assessment units so luckily you pushed to be seen by the gynea team xxxx

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Hi Ali, thank you for your reply. It's kind of comforting in a way to know that you are a nurse and you see how we are fobbed off. It's just really frustrating. I hope this changes soon.

I'm feeling much better after taking tablets and having a few days in bed. :)

Thanks again for taking the time to reply xx

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Hi niki2688

I was taken to A& E early hours yesterday (Sunday) and like you the treatment was 'crap'. The female nurse took me seriously but the male duty duty doctor just topped me up with tramadol told me he'd let me consultant call me today snd there's nithung else he can do,

I wrote a very long email to my consuktant less that 2 hours ago giving very clear details as to how this condition it controlling my life...and I need a call tomorrow. My situation was worsened by the fact that I was scheduled into hospital July this year by my original consultant who was going to remove the endometriosis and a 8cm cyst. After 3 hours op I woke up to be told she cleared the endo and the cyst had dissolved itself so was no longer there. Less than a week later I was rushed back into hospital via Mr doctor and after a scan they found the cyst still existed my original consuktant missed it.

The nightmare is now they cannot re operate and my pain us doubled..., I've sacked that consultant and will take matters further but right now like you I'm in too much pain to even commence the procedure...

Im currently in bed with hot water bottle drugs...

It is dehibilitating but I keep telling myself there is light at the end and I will get there, how well that's anither question..

Keep on at the consultant to get then to help that's their job

If there are ant spelling errors I apolohize I'm moving around the bed as I type

Best wishes and loads of hugs x


Awww, that is just awful!!! You poor thing!! I was in hospital on Sunday too! When the male doctor came he looked so smug and acted like I shouldn't even have been there. I was in so much pain and so so angry I lost the plot with him. He said he would come back when I has calmed down.

I'm like you, I find this condition really hard to cope with! To be honest I'm sick of explaining myself to everyone. People think it's 'not that bad!'.

Thank you for your reply. I really hope you get sorted in time for Christmas. Xx


Thank you and keep me posted - x


Hi Niki2688, I too have been in same position with the doctors at a&e. I ended up having to go after being in work for an hour, being sick and nearly collapsing. My partner came to get me and took me. We went to a different hospital as I was so fed up of being treated like I was an hypercondriact (not sure spelling) To our amazement this doctor did exactly the same. He told me "I had to get used to it". Then began to inform me of the pain he suffers with his back and how he just carries on lol. My partner very nearly hit him.

I feel for you! Honestly I can't get over how ignorant people are about endometriosis. How little doctors know and it's usually men so not sure how they would understand.

I don't even know what else to say that help in any way other than you are not alone. X

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