Think I've got another twisting/rupturing cyst. Do I go to A&E? Fast responses appreciated :)

I had a ruptured cyst in January of this year and my symptoms are very much the same, my GP has agreed and I'm waiting for an ultrasound. The pain is much worse today though. I had 50mg of tramadol earlier this morning and 10mg of morphine about half an hour ago and I'm still writhing around the bed in agony with my pelvis/hip/back/bum/leg. I know this sounds like an obvious 'get to the hospital' kind of post but when it happened last time they were utterly useless and even tried to send me home from A&E telling me it was ibs until I stamped my feet and begged for a second opinion. I was then admitted, not given any stronger painkillers than I already had at home so was still in pain and the morning after a night on a ward full of cancer patients (not scary at all when I didn't know what was wrong with me and had no idea I had endo at that point!) I had a scan to confirm it had burst and then they basically said we need the bed, you have to go home.

I don't want to take a trip to the hospital to go through all that fuss again, have other people been treated better than this? Was I just unlucky or am I unlikely to be helped?

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I'm afraid that sounds very typical of the treatment we receive.

I've had cysts rupture and it is truly excruciating ! Personally if I can manage the pain at home, I would prefer to stay away from A&E. I have been admitted before when the pain is too severe or I've developed a high temperature.

How are you now?

I've been up most of the night, taking regular morphine and still not any better. It takes the edge off but I'm still doubled over in pain. I really don't know what to do! I feel like I really need to see a doctor, for some help with the pain and for my own sanity too, to make sure it's not something else that's the problem. However, I'm not in the best mental state and fear that being dismissed by a doctor as 'it's just a cyst' could very quickly turn me into a crying angry mess!

I think it's time to call the GP surgery for an emergency assessment.


I've made an emergency appointment for 14:35 with my gynae consultant at the hospital. I didn't know I could do that!

Nor did I !

Will you let me know how you get on ?


My GP couldn't see me so I just rang on the off chance. Maybe it's different because I'm with the consultant privately? I will definitely let you know. Thank you for your advice! x

I've been admitted for a few days so I can have some IV painkillers. Going down for a scan in the morning and then seeing how things go from there. So so glad I was cheeky and rang the hospital x

You are in the right place and I hope the IV pain meds work well for you.

Good luck for scan. Let me know how you are if you can.


Hi there I've had this happen three times, the first two were few years ago and I was sent home as the pain subsided after a hour which I've now learnt was because it burst on its own. ..I was having hallucinations the pain was so bad. The last time was last month. I was screaming in pain I feel bad for you as I had been uncomfortable for a few months I knew what was coming and my gp even with my history of endo first wanted to treat me for irritable bowel. G just laughed and went home. Then one evening the actual torsion happened. My mum called an ambulance I was on morphine. They called a gynaecological doctor he admitted me and to have a scanner the next day. A different doctor the next morning page How it will ever be there on the scan or will have ruptured and leaked. There was nothing on the scan. My discharge notes page nothing about endo ovaries or anything. Make sure your notes have endo and ovary cyst written on them as this how they are getting away with not taking endo seriously. I feel for you a torsion of the ovary is the worst pain I have ever ever experienced. I see my other post on here.

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