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Anyone feel like a pain to the doctors?

Hi, I'm new to this but feel like I need someone to speak to who understands me. I've had endometriosis since 2006. I've had to laps, the first one they said they removed a lot, the second one they said there was only a slight bit visible. My last lap was 2009 and I've only had mild pain since until recently I've been getting a pain that feels like my whole inside is really heavy with the feeling everything's going to fall out. I've just visited the hospital who spoke to me like a child and said we can do another lap but you didn't have a lot of endo on the last lap and she didn't think the pain was endo as the pain came any time of the month. She booked me in for a lap in June but has really made me feel like I'm wasting their time. I don't know wether to cancel it and just put up with the pain.

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I'd say stick with it & find out what's causing your pain. Maybe your dr was having an off day?

I don't know much about endo (only diagnosed 2 weeks ago) but I've been seeing this dr and that dr for the last 3 yrs and no-one could find anything wrong to explain my probs (and my pain was also fairly mild), my gyno referral (at my request) was my last resort & I was then really shocked at lap they found stage 4 endo as not one clinician or GP had even suggested it prior to the gyno.

You know there is something causing you pain - keep going til they find out what it is so it can be sorted out. 6 yrs is quite a long time anyway. I had a lap 7/8 yrs ago for infertility, they couldn't see anything then.



Thanks, your reply has made me realise that I do need to find out what the pain is. When I get the pain I can't walk or move, I just need to lie down, and I know that's not normal. If I hold off going to the toilet or hold in wind the pain starts and it's excruciating, so maybe the endo is just in a different place to before, causing a different kind of pain. I've just had a scan that didn't show endo, but i don't think endo is always picked up on a scan.


Hi hun.

Please don't let them make you feel this way you have a right for this pain to be resolved for you.

The fact you already have a diagnosis of endometriosis would indicate to me that it is endo that has returned.

Endo can only be diagnosed by a laparoscopy which means you need them to do it to remove the endo for you as that is the only way it will get resolved hun.

2009 is a long time ago so I would think there is a good chance it has grown.

Stay strong hun you are doing the right thing xx


That sounds familiar! If its bowel related that's worth checking. I get that occasionally, but much less (hardly ever) now I have severely restricted my diet and taken things out that seem to irritate my bowel inc dairy, wheat, sugar, fruit, alcohol, starch etc etc (this has been my most predominant symptom to date). I'm still waiting to see if there is any physical problem linked to my bowel (ie endo) or more the autoimmune side of things creating very severe food intolerances. But yesterday I had such excruciating pain (was driving home and needed the loo quite badly) about 5 or 6 episodes - waves of the most unbearable pain ever - I don't know how I managed to not crash. Probably still a bit tender from my lap 2 weeks ago and I had some slightly spicy sausages the night before that I probably couldn't tolerate. I guess its all linked somehow - hope we both get some answers!


Hi please don't feel a pain to the doctors. I have been made to feel a pain in the past as I've been backwards and forwards with doctors since was 19, I'm now 40 and this horrible disease has really damaged my insides, therefore I push all women to push the doctors for help and answers and to never be put off. Good luck xx

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