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How bad is bad enough to go to A&E?


I've never been to A&E before for endo, but I am in quite a lot of pain today and dont know whether I should go to my GP (60miles away) or to A&E (down the road). I have stage 4 endo and my insides are quite stuck together and its very sore and pulling on one side. I'm not sure what either of them would do though and I dont want to waste anyone's time, but im worried its getting worse, think the worry is often worse than whats actually going on though which makes things harder!

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Hi Hayls, I'm so sorry you're in so much pain :(

Have you phoned your GP? I just wonder whether they might be able to arrange to have some stronger pain killers put into a local chemist that you could pick up rather than you going to A&E and having to sit around in pain while you wait. Also they might want to admit you which would be a nuisance when you could really do with being at home in your own bed.

If you're in pain that you can't handle, you're not wasting anybody's time though, and it might be worth going to A&E so they can scan you and make sure it's not a cyst causing you the pain.

Sending hugs. I know exactly what you mean about the worry making it ten times worse :(

C xxx


I've been to A&E 4 times now with my pain and every time they were really understanding and made sure I had no pain when I left. One time I went in via ambulance!! I went in when I just couldn't cope with the pain and my pain killers were doing nothing! I went into shock with the pain couldn't stop shaking or being sick. It's all up to you really but don't ever think you're wasting their time, that's what they're there for. I wouldn't advise a 60mile drive in loads of pain though hun. Hope you feel better soon x


Hi Hayls, I totally sympathise - it's horrible to be stuck at home alone in pain. I totally agree with Chrissie though - if you're struggling, phone your GP surgery and ask their advice before you go anywhere. If what you really need is some decent pain relief in your own bed you don't want to be forced to sit in horrible A&E chairs for hours waiting to be seen, they can be quite unsympathetic to us long term sufferers.

Give them a call and see what they say, I'll keep an eye on this post incase you need any more help xxx


Thanks for your replies, I'm going to call my GP now - im stuck at work and helpfully my work IT system has just blocked my own post as "violence"!!!!


Hi I have been to a&e about three times this year when i just could not cope ive never been kept waiting long and they have always been very understanding and told me not to hesitate in coming back if ever it gets that bad again.I admit there's not an awful lot they can do but they have given me morphine and then ive been able to go strait home and sleep so its not a solution but if you can't handle the pain i wouldn't hesitate to go.Hope you feel better soon.xxx


I have been to my A & E 3 times, they did the usual vital checks on my last visit i was basically told you could be in pain for the rest of your life and you will just have to live with it! joy. I am now awaiting Zoladex and HRT although went to see consultant 2 weeks tomorrow and only just found out yesterday that the originally letter to doctors got lost but yesterday they faxed it through and go see doctors Monday to find out when i start the Zoladex and then see what happens!


Thanks for all your replies, I spoke to the on-call doctor and saw my GP, they think it may be another cyst, I have a cocktail of painkillers to take which should hopefully take the edge of it and send me to sleep and them see how I go

Hayls x


How are you feeling today, Hayls? xxx


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