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Been to A&E - "It's a UTI" I give up

Been in worsening pain since mid-August, left side only in hip, lower abdomen and down legs to calves. Doc has given me co-codamol and started me on Depo shot. Pain is every day but varies throughout day from none to worse at night. Took my self to A&E walk in today, they tested a sample and said I have urine infection and a temperature, felt abdomen and said not ovary related as they are higher than the pain I am feeling. Four years ago I had a lap for pain on the left, they found a cyst on my right ovary and removed the cyst and my left had choc cysts and he 'burnt' some small areas of endo away, he was a general gynae surgeon. It hurts in my hip and down to my lower leg when I try and go upstairs or walk on it. I have had zero hours sleep for 3 nights running despite mythology and codeine just before bed, I am at my wits end, literally do not know what to believe. Is it a UTI, my guess is it isn't and the antibiotics will do nothing. My mum died of womb cancer a couple of years ago which does not help with my constant worry.

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Damn autocorrect, mythology should read Nytol


Uti can make you feel really unwell and if left untreated it can make things a lot worse.

Did the gp suggest for other treatment except painkillers?

I can completely understand your worry, especially with your mums medical history. It is horrible and if you have problems yourself things will go through your mind. When you are in constant pain it doesnt give you time to breathe and relax.

Can they check if this type of cancer can be passed on from mum to child? And is your GP aware of your worries?

My mum had ovarian cancer and i had some problems with my ovaries, so witj me it straight away rang some alarm bells and i did feel afwul for a long time. They operated me last year, removed some endo and i thought that was that. I have been walking with pain ever since and made me feel so down and stressed, i stopped exercising and enjoying life.

I did a course CBT 2 months ago which was really helpful and i started to do gentle yoga exercises, what seem to help. Of course not everything is for everyone, but sometimes if you change your thinking it can help you with other things as well.

I hope you will get help and trwatment, go back to GP and make they help you!!

Best regards,



Thank you, I am just so very fed up


I can understand. It is really not easy!!! Try to get some sleep and take your meds. Hopefully this UTI will go away soon and find soneone you can talk to and express your worries!

Look after yourself.



I know the feeling. Same thing last Wednesday I went to a&e and was told I had a UtI, have been on antibiotics and just finished the course and now looks like I'm coming down with thrush! :( meanwhile endo pains have been coming back and they are suggesting me for laparoscopy again this side of Xmas.

Trying to keep my chin up but I'm really fed up too.

Must all be connected somehow I'm sure. At least we are all in it together hey!


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