Cyst reoccurance after surgery

Hi everyone!

I am new here and very new to finding out I have endometriosis! I was admitted to hospital as an emergency 5 weeks ago. They thought it was appendicitis but during laproscopy the general surgeon found a ruptured chocolate cyst on my left ovary.

My symptoms of pelvic pain returned about 2 weeks ago. I had an ultrasound on Thursday and the radiologist told me there was a chocolate cyst 5cm x 3.5 cm on my left ovary. My GP then called me the next day and said they couldn't rule out malignancy but also didn't want to worry me!

I'm left a bit scared and confused now. Just wondered if anyone has experience of an endometrioma or chocolate cyst growing back so quickly following rupture.

Thanks so much


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That does seem quick. My endometriomas grow back quickly after surgery but I don't think this quickly. I had surgery to remove endometriomas in April 15 and they had returned by March 16. X

Thank you for your reply 😊 The radiologist said because a general surgeon did the emergency surgery and not a gynaecologist, he may not have removed the cyst properly and therefore it might have filled up again. I'm just really hoping it isn't anything sinister! Were your endometriomas removed by a gynaecologist? X

Hi there Janine33 - Sorry to jump in on this post I hope you don't mind!! I've just had two endometriomas removed, how did you know yours had returned?? Thanks

Hi. I had a similar experience last September. The cyst couldn't be removed but was drained but when I had an MRI scan 6 weeks later it had refilled and grown again. I had high ca125 tests but luckily it was caused by the cyst and end( I've since been diagnosed with grade 4 deep infiltrated endometriosis and a frozen pelvis. If you want to chat I generally visit once or twice a week . Xx

Hi, if they are only drained they can come back quiet quickly. Mine was removed capsule and all and i had it return within 2 yrs. Though it may have come back sooner as a cyst was noted in the same area 6 weeks post surgery, though my gynea said it wasnt.

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