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A new cyst after my laparoscopy (4 weeks ago)! 😞

Hello, I'm very sad today. I had an ultrasound for my application to an IVF treatment and the doctor found a cyst (6x4 cm) in my left ovary. Four weeks ago I had my diagnostic laparoscopy looking for endometriosis. The ginecologist remove a serous cyst from my left ovary and a few weeks later is back again!!! Today also found fluid in the pouch of Douglas and I don't know what it means! Please help...

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Did they say if there was endometriosis in the pouch of Douglas the only thing I can think of is that cyst could of ruptured and fluid has leaked into the pouch of Douglas or pelvic absess xx


I don't really understand this situation...I'll wait to see my fertility doctor in a few weeks,



Sorry to hear this.

Did they tell you how many cysts they found during your lap?

I had emergency surgery to remove a large cyst and they only removed the "emergency" one. And left the other, which of course increased in size.

So I was wondering if maybe they didn't remove them all?


The doctor told me that just found one. The cyst was almost hanging off the left ovary, and he told me that the ovaries looked good after the surgery...I'm really confused,

Thanks for your reply :)


After that happened to me I got a referral to an endometriosis accredited hospital. And they then removed my cysts (the one left over and a new one) and I am 5 months post op and I haven't had any recurrence.

If you are in an area where they have BSGE endo hospitals it might be worth asking for a referral (unless you are already at one)

Would the IVF be less successful if you have a cyst? And it is good news your ovaries are still in good shape! In some ways it is remarkable to know just how strong they are!

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unfortunately in my country do not give the importante that endometriosis deserve. The endometriosis specialists don't even exist...


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