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Unilateral oophrectomy following endo cyst diagnosis


Hi there I'm new to the forum. I am 32yrs old and have had endo type symptoms for many years. 18m ago I had my first lap surgery and was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst on my left ovary. It was not removed at this point. A few months after this I was admitted to a and e with abdominal pain. I was then request admitted to the gynaecology ward (different hospital to the original sirgery) and underwenta second surgery to try and remove the cyst. It wasn't possible as it was adhered quite badly and I had a bleed during surgery. A sample was sent away and came back as an endo cyst. I have since had pain pretty much as before. Following a consult with the third Dr it has been decided to remove the ovary (I've been down the hormonal and pain control routes). I'm now terrified not of the surgery but the side affects of loosing the ovary. Does anyoneone have any experience or suggestions to share. If so how do you feel afterwards?

Thanks in advance


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Are you under a bsge specialist centre?

Katiemann1984 in reply to Tboag

No just gynaecology consultant at my hospital but have seen serval consultants over the last few years. I'm not sure where the nearest one to me is possibly Sheffield.

Thanks for getting back to me

Hi Katie - I had both mine removed last August due to endo. At 44, recovered really well and felt fab until started hrt.... Pain now back albeit not as severe. I also have Adenomyosis so it may be that which is the problem or hrt is growing the remaining endo. The lap surgery itself was fine, keep fit an healthy before hand and gentle walking helped me. Hope all goes well and keep us posted. Julie x

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Katiemann1984 in reply to Hidden

Thanks for the informative reply do you go back to your own GP for referral?. Also I followed the link to the bsge centres it showed one in Sheffield but then wouldnt load. Would you happen to know if there is still a centre there? I'm not sure whether or not to still go for the scheduled surgery but ask for them to just try and remove the cyst and definitely not the ovary. Sorry for the 20 questions

Hi all, I'm jumping in as I am in same position. I'm awaiting lap from general gyny (whom I trust as much as i can). He doesn't know if he can save the ovary. My nearest accredited centre is Edin and 1) my gyny, 2) GP and 3) a specialist nurse on the helpline from the Edin centre say I can only get funding for referral there if initial gyny lap shows complications.

I'm 48, my back and side pain is nagging but not severe. My bleeding is irregular but not terrible.

I honestly keep wondering if I should have any surgery or just continue with 'watch and wait' . I'm on the waiting list for surgery after feeling torn (obsessed?!) by reading posts here that warn about endo spreading and organs sticking together and pain continuing even post menopause....

And yet, I know my symptoms are generally mild compared to others. And I've had 2 kids....do I really need a lap (*gazes at navel in repetitive rhetorical spiral!*)


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