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Ovarian cyst dangerous? :(

So, this morning I woke up with intense severe contraction-like sharp pains in my pelvic area. I told my parents and we decided I go see the GP-- the doctor told me I should get blood drawn; so I did that, and had an ultra sound, and they found I had a 4.2cm cyst or something on my left ovary, and I started freaking out when the doctor was like "I'm afraid I don't know the exact type of this cyst" so, anyway, she told me to come back again in an hour for the official specialist result, and I did, she then told me something was in the middle or something of the cyst, and I wanted to scream and cry before she even told me further. I get really worried, and I have a right to, I don't want some damn malignant cyst in my ovary- I want to live :/

Anyway, she said that it was fluidy and it said "collapsing cyst" on my left ovary, and I don't know what exactly it means by that, I'm sooooo worried because they don't know exactly WHAT type of cyst it is, I'm just scared if it's a dangerous cyst, I feel like crying and I can't wait until tomorrow to find out if it's a bad cyst or not... Are fast growing cysts cancerous, also? Because I had an ultrasound about a year ago and nothing showed, then I had one today and this 4.2 cm cyst shows/ bla bla. Ugh... Help? (I'm 19 years old, not sexually active/ I'm a virgin)

!!! (Thanks for anyone who can post helpful responses)

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I'm so sorry you are going through this and at such a young age.

I know it's easier said than done but please try not to panic. There are many different types of cysts, mostly benign so think of it that the odds are stacked in your favour on this count at least.

Do you have endometriosis? If so it's quite possible you have a endometrioma (aka chocolate cyst). Endometriomas are not cancerous but can be fast growing.

The pain you experienced may be a cyst rupturing, it does sound similar to the pain you described. I had a couple of small endometriomas rupture on Fri 13 (of all days) March, sadly just 1 week before my scheduled excision surgery to remove endo and the endometriomas. The pain was sharp stabbing pains that came in waves, leaving me breathless as they were so painful and it lasted about 3 hours. My GP put me on antibiotics just in case it caused an infection and delayed my planned surgery. At the time I asked other women on this forum whether I needed to go to a&e but most said a&e wouldn't do anything anyway, particularly given I knew I had endometriomas and had planned surgery. Ruptured endometriomas can unfortunately spread more of the disease around sometimes resulting in adhesions as when they burst the sticky fluid splatters everywhere inside. For me it caused my ovary to adhere to my bowel which my endo surgeon then had to unpeel.

So if it is endo causing the cysts and you are in the UK you really need to be seen by an accredited BSGE endo specialist centre, particularly as endometriomas can suggest more advanced endo which may require specialist treatment.

You can find an accredited centre on the following website: bsge.org.uk.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes, Jo


Hi, thank you for reply- this was comforting :) I'm just so scared I guess I don't know. (Btw I live in Australia, Sydney)

I'm so afraid of what's next and what the doctor is gonna say tomorrow, can't help but google and then these "malignant" stuff come up and I get into panic mode, and feel like crying ;/

Thank you for your reply, btw. Hope it's not serious 🙏🙏🙏


If endo does appear to be the culprit you really need to be seen by a endo specialist skilled in laparoscopic excision surgery which is now considered the gold standard of treatment, although sadly still not a cure as a cure still does not exist. Perhaps Google, I have heard of one Surgeon in Sydney who has apparently got quite a lot of experience with working with endo but I couldn't comment personally on their qualifications or expertise. We're not supposed to mention names on this forum but if you would like details you can PM me then you can investigate for yourself whether they are the right specialist for you.

Best wishes, Jo


Okay, thank you. I will PM you^.^


Unlikely to be malignant, I remember getting very worried when I had my first diagnosis of a cyst and googling all of the terms that were written down that I didn't understand.

Your reaction is normal, I just wish people in the medical profession would take 5 minutes to explain things clearly to people in our position. It's not hard to say there are several types of cysts, explain what they are and suggest what the most likely outcome is.

I hope things go well for you.

I found writing down questions helpful so you aren't left with more worries and if you are upset taking someone with you.

If this looks like endo you must get it treated properly at the start, I don't wish to stress you out just to make you aware. If it is left it may get worse. You need a proper endo dr, not just a gynae. X


Hi, thank you for your reply. I saw another doctor (my actual family doctor) and he said that it's nothing to worry about. He was so comforting and said it's collapsing bursting since it said Collapsed Cyst and that it's fluidy and that it's a simple cyst, with a septa or something. So I'm much more relieved. I just need to re-see him in about a month to check if the cyst has disappeared, etc.


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