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Large chocolate cyst

Hi ladies!

I am new here.

Three months ago I was diagnosed with bilateral chocolate cysts. 5.5cm, & 3.8cm on the left ovary and another 2.4 cm on the right. They placed me under observation for to see if the cyst will disappear on its own. I am having my next check up 8 days later. I do not experience pain or any other symptoms apart from heavy blood flow during menses . I am just thinking if i have to go through surgery will they remove my ovaries along with the cyst? Would some kind souls please advise/ share their experience? I am really terrified as i am still very young (24) and I am planning to have children few years down the road.

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hi. It's quite common for cysts to monitored it means they can see how quickly they are growing. They said to me they prefer not to remove them if they are smaller than 6 cm but this might be different in different hospitals.

they will always try to maintain your fertility, my ovary was incased by a cysts but they removed the cyst and the ovary is fine.

at your next appointment mention your concerns as I'm sure they will go through things with you.



Hello Tillyfloss,

Thanks a lot for sharing , I feel slightly better now(: so glad to hear that you are fine. I did another ultrasound yesterday and the cysts are not getting any smaller. I will wait for the next check up and see what the docs suggest. Meanwhile i will just stay calm and relax as much as possible.



My case- I am 24.I also had 5.5cm chocolate cyst.In most cases, above 5 needs to be removed.I have undergone laproscopy and there is no need to remove ovaries in most cases .They just burn the cyst and take it away for lab tests.You will be fine,trust me. Also, laproscopy is a minimal invasive surgery,so you will be able to walk from the same evening.

Taking proper care of one's self is the only requirement.Do not worry at all.It will be normal.


Hello Manisha2701,

Thank you, this is so assuring! I hope you are recovering well, so glad to hear that your laproscopy went well. Although a part of me is still afraid of the outcome, after all it boils down to individual. but I am feeling more positive now!

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Hi I've had a few chocolate cysts and have never lost my ovaries it depends on how bad they are and if they've caused any damage to your ovaries and normally a laparoscopy surgery will be done to remove the cysts or they may try other treatments to shrink the cysts first, they will do what they can to keep your ovaries especially if you haven't had children yet. My first lap to remove a chocolate cyst was when I was 17 and the consent form was +\- ovaries but they did say to me at that time if they had to remove my ovaries they would see if they could harvest some of my eggs for ivf later on luckily that didn't have to happen. I think you should see what your consultant says in regards to your treatment and ask him the questions you are worrying about . Good luck and I hope things work out for you xx


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