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Lap yesterday

Hello, completely new to any of this.

I had a lap yesterday and was diagnosed and treated for endo. As most of you ill probably know I am a little worse for wear today but it has hit me that I have had this diagnosis and without any follow up I'm not sure what happens next.

I had the mirena fitted and had planned to regardless as I have had them fitted for over 5 years since my son was born but it was taken out a couple of months ago as the doctor I saw at that time believed it to be the cause of the pain...obviously if anything it was helping. I had pain since June, not long after having my coil changed and has been off work suffering since.

What do I do now? I know its a very open question but do I do nothing unless I get that horrific pain again? Do I make a GP appointment to discuss it?

I feel like I have been left in the dark and today the pain of the op has hit my, only of my stitches has fallen out and I just feel somewhat emotional.

Thank you for reading my awful post and I apologise if this isn't how this forum works.

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Poor thing, we are all here for you, so ask away or rant when you need to xxxx

Did they tell you anything more about your endo, ask before you are discharged or at your follow up appointment .

Endo UK have a helpline you can call and they will talk you through anything you need to know.

Big hugs, rest up, take peppermint tea for the gas and look after yourself xxxx

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Thank you so much for replying Judan :)

I have been discharged and I don't have a follow up. I was casually told by the nurse just before I left what I was treated for and I didn't really understand.

I have no idea what I'm supposed to do next.


Big hugs xxxx

Dud they have you dignities written on your discharge papers? Xxx


Sorry stupid predictive text- did they have your dignosis written on your discharge notes? Xxx


It states that I had extraction of endometriosis x


If you aren't clear, call them up, be pushy if need be, but be clear that you need further explanation. It is the job of the medical professional to ensure that patients understand their treatments.

It is, for me, the most infuriating aspect of this whole disease when the doctors don't seem to take us seriously. How can something that affects so many people be dismissed so easily by medical professionals?

As the old cheer goes, Be aggressive, B E aggressive! You have every right to understand what has been done and what the next step is.

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Thank you for replying. Who do I speak to? My discharge states 'no further treatment' and 'no follow up required'.

I just feel at a loss a little :(


I'd call up the dept that did the surgery and ask to be put in touch with the doctor or his team. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and all that.

Unfortunately, the only way we get anywhere with this thing is by pushing.


Thank you!!!


I agree, you need to know where it was and what they did, you have to be pushy and insist. GO probably won't have much more to go on either. If you don't get anywhere then go to the hospital patient complaint team. Good luck, let me know how you get on. Xxx


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