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Lap yesterday

So after 16 months of daily pelvic pain, horrendous ovulation and period pain, headaches,backache, nausea and fatigue I finally had a lap yesterday which came back normal! I feel so down now I just wanted answers to why I am so ill? Results came back, normal uterus, normal tubes and normal ovaries and I just don't understand how someone can feel soooo much pain in all those those places and it be normal? I have decided that I will now have to hand in my notice at work because I have so much time off anyway, so now I am still in pain, still none the wiser and soon to be jobless. Sorry for the rant I just feel like giving up xxxxx

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How on earth can that be the case? Doesn't make sense does it? Did they over an explanation? X


Hey hun

Did they take biopsies during your lap?they should have done.

Basically sometimes endo is hard to spot with the naked eye so they take biopsies and send those off to the histopathology department.they then look at the sample under like a microscope to see if there is endometrial tissue present.

Even if they take biopsies, they might not take them from the right spot and miss the endo.

Also there is something called adenomyosis, which is like endo but it's in the lining of your womb. It's not usually spotted in the lap and is usually found in an mri. Many people with adeno were told that previous ultrasounds showed their uterus as bulky/bumpy/enlarged.

And finally. .many ladies on here have had first lap come back negative and second lap endo was found.

Don't give up!!they need to find the cause of your pain.


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Hi - I would guess that you will be in the position most are when starting on the journey to diagnosis - a referral by your GP to a general obs/gynaecologist? Most are not familiar with the many different appearances of endo which only a specialist is.

Can you send me the name of consultant and hospital by private message so we can check.

Endo is an autoimmune condition and tell tale signs are often the immune system symptoms which include nausea, fatigue and many others. Click on my username and read my post on endo and its many symptoms to see what you identify with. x


I know exactly how you feel! I had a lap November 2013 and They found nothing. I'm now worse than ever. Feel so alone with the pain which is absolutely crippling! I've started taking tramadol regularly now but even then it's still so painful. Going back to my GP with a pain diary of symptoms so that I can be re-referred back to the gynaecologist. Just wish somebody would listen and help me, I'm only 25 and have felt like this for more than 5 years


Hi Lily

Click on my username and read my post on endo and its symptoms to see what you identify with, as endo involves so many other possible symptoms that GPs often know nothing about.

Please don't despair as it seems likely if not certain that you have been treated as so many are - not properly. I expect you were operated on by a general gynaecologist who is not experienced enough to find it all. Have a look at my post on finding a specialist. x


Evening ladies thankyou all for your replies, I am still rather woozy and obviously upset about the outcome. I don't know if they took biopsie but when I feel up to it I will applying for my medical records and can hopefully afford to see a proper endo specialist with the results. I also thought it could be adenomoyisis ( I have been in pain since having a early miscarriage) but surely the surgeon would have seen an enlarged uterus? This is just so shit is'nt it? It's bad enough being so ill anyway but not having an explanation is just awful. Thankyou again everyone xxx


There is just so much about women's bodies which western medicine does not understand. Endometriosis is a puzzle, many people with endo don't have any symptoms and don't know they have it, and other women are really sick and get a 'normal lap'. I had a detailed discussion with my GP about this recently, and my GP is a rare doctor with lots of knowledge about endo for a GP. I was quite bold, and said that doctors can call what they don't understand 'women who are really ill with their cycle' if they prefer!

Why do we do it to ourselves? Why do we give away our power and look towards doctors to validate our suffering? The doctors by their own admission know they just don't understand this disease at all.

If you have pain and are suffering, then you deserve all the love, hugs and validation that any suffering person deserves. Lets the doctors give themselves a headache about what to call this stuff. Pain clinics exist for a reason, even when they don't know what name to give the pain.

I hope you are able to find your way. Is it necessary for you to leave your job? Do you have a union rep?


Thankyou TeaQueen, yes of all the doctors I have seen over the last 16 months everyone of them said they knew nothing about endo? I even had the ' it's maybe depression because of your miscarriage that is causing you the pains' unbelievable! Yes i do think I have to leave my job, i work shifts and it's taking it toll on me, I have only stayed this long because I was hoping to get sorted. I am not going to make a definate decistion at this time though, I will wait to see how I go with getting my medical records etc. Thankyou for your reply xxx



I am new to this so please forgive me if I say something that people have said already.

I had my pains for almost 4 years and it was always undetected, I got so annoyed with the NHS as I always didn't understand how they could tell me it was all normal so I decided to go privately.

It was the best decision ever, NGS refused to give me an MRI as ot was costly but I had it don't privately. Got the results within days and they finally found what was causing me pain.

I am having surgery next month to remove cysts and adhesions. I would highly recommend asking for an MRI but I also have two very good private gynae consultants which have helped me lots. I'm more than happy to share their details with you.

I really hope it all gets sorted as I know how distressing and soul destroying it is being told that 'everything is normal'.


Sitarra could you give me details of who you are seeing too. Sorry to butt in but im getting quite desperate :-/


Thankyou SDSP. I am planning on asking my gp if they will refer me for MRI but not holding my breath that they will jump on the idea without a fight. I wouldbe very happy to have the details of the consultants, the more help I can get the better :) Yes it is soul destroying but i refuse to give up, Just got to get a bit of my fight my back, I am lucky enough to have a wonderful husband who will also not give up without fighting for me. Take care xxxx


Thats good that you have a good support group.. You are lucky there

I am based in London, they are based in Central London is that accessible for you? x


I live in South Wales but am open to going anywhere so any info would be great xx


Awoik123. Im from south wales too. Im awaiting dates for my second lap. Luckily (i think) endo was found at first lap. Nearest endo centre is at the Heath hospital in Cardiff. My gynae has interest in endo. Hope this helps


I just wanted to reassure you that you're not alone. There are a few of us here who have classic endo symptoms with a negative laparoscopy including me.

I'm 5 weeks on from my lap and I've taken my mirena out to see if that was the cause and had lots of blood tests. I was diagnosed with a B12 deficiency last week which explains the fatigue and brain fog but not the pain and bleeding.

So it's a waiting game for me, sort out the B12 and let the hormones settle from the mirena and see where we are in a few months. I hope they continue to try and work out what is wrong with you and not just give up x


Thankyou Slaccie, I am going to find out more about the centre, I didn't even know there was one there. Thankyou too Lil-me. I had the mirena put in when I had the lap so for me for now I am hoping that will help? Having this illness has completly changed my life which I know everyone on here will understand, It's awful that we would be willing to try anything to get well again, to work to have a normal life but we have to push to get things done. I hope that you all are well soon too xxxxx


yep I have just posted something similar! I was actually diagnosed at 19 (17 yrs ago!)with endo. my symptoms have become worse in past 2 yrs, done another lap to be told I don't have endo and apparently everything is normal!??? confused isn't the word!!!


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