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Endo / coil pain

Hi everyone...

This is my first post just recently joined , I'm 30 years old (just turned)

I was diagnosed with endometriosis bk in December 2016.

My mum,granny&auntie have all had endometriosis so it's heredity in my family.

It all started with bad period pain which it wasn't too bad I could handle with taking ibprofen and paracetamol 1 year before I was diagnosed with endo I remember being at a theme park when my period came suddenly while at them park the pain was unbearable ever since every month the pain was getting worse month my month, then I was diagnosed 1 year later, I was sent to a gynaecologist he said that the endo was quite small and would prefer me to go onto the pill before I had surgery, so I tried all diff types off pill the 3 month jag was the worse none of the pill's worked for me I was still in as much pain month by month, with constant UTI's / kidney infection, so my doctor and I decided best option for me was to have the marena coil fitted , as I have no kids I was sent to my local hospital where I was getting the coil inserted, went to the app while getting coil inserted the pain was horrific I've never felt pain like it I started shaking, sweating got to the point I screamed and told the gynaecologist to stop , she then suggested I get for under general anthestic, had to wait another 6-12 weeks for the app, just before i was due to get under I had a UTI, which I got antibiotics for finished the course then went in on the 16 th August to get coil inserted , when I woke up I was in soo much pain luckily being in hospital they gave me paracetamol and ibprofen straight away, so I went so home still in pain , the pain was getting worse day by day on the Sunday which the same week I had coil inserted I called nhs 24 as I could not handle the pain, I had a fever , fast pulse rate , high blood pressure so I was sent to my local hospital where I was given stronger pain killer , and got an app for a scan to ensure coil fitted correctly , everything was fine on scan but still the horrific pain , that next week I went bk To my gp , to find I had another UTI, was on antibiotics and painkiller , next again week bk to docs this time I was diagnosed with a kidney infection , more antibiotics stronger pain killer's , then next agin week 3 weeks after coil inserted pain was still as bad bk To my gp where she had sent me straight to A&E was then sent for a scan again and othe tests which came bk with a infection in my uterus and endometrium , and kidney stone so on more antibiotics , today is 4 weeks since coil inserted and I received a phone call from my doctor to say they have had a prescription from the hospital I was the week before , collected prescription to find out my urone sample results were bk to find another kidney infection.. I've had 5 infection in the last 4 weeks still in so much pain every day , has anybody else experienced this after coil and endo? I might call my doctor tomorrow as I'm do fed up with the feeling i just want the coil removed and surgery for my endo ..

sorry for the novel!

Lola lo

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Hi Lola

I'm so so sorry for your horrific journey hun it's awful I'm really upset for you.

The pain getting coil fitted I totally relate with I vomited and passed out when got it done and was in agony for a, week then it settled. I tried it for about 18 month but didn't like it the pain and bloating were bad but the fact my period was random was the worst iv always been pretty regular despite the endo.

I think you should be seen by a endo specialist because the treatments they are giving you are clearly not working and get the coil removed I think you should. The fact they keep chucking antibiotics down you is definitely a cause for concern you need to get investigated and see what's causing these infections. I would advice you to look into taking a good strong probiotic and maybe trying something called serrapeptase I had blood in my urine for ages and I was under urology for it they found inflamed bits on bladder but nothing to indicate the blood after a few month of taking it the blood has cleared up. Judy suggestions for you that may help you hun. Hope you stay feeling better soon and you get some answers ASAP. Good luck sweet πŸ’—πŸ˜˜


Thank you so much for your reply , and suggestions , i will give them a try ... I called my doctors this morning I got an appointment for this afternoon I have wrote things down so I can go through with them with the doctor and hopefully get answer' s and get treated properly , i defo want the coil removed when I suggest that to the doctor and to the gynaecologist I'm seeing they keep saying give it more time , I can't possibly give any more time.. will keep u updated on how I get on at doctors today.. think I'm taking my mum for support as I'll end up leaving with more antibiotics as usual..

thank you 😘


Your welcome. Don't thank me hun it's what this forum is for. Defo take your mum for support I really hope you get some relief soon hun awful what your going through. Good luck πŸ’—πŸ˜˜


Jus a wee update! Went bk to doctors this afternoon, I've to take both antibiotics they cannot do anything while I have these infection's got a higher dose for pain relief, to go back to doctors in 2 weeks to endure infection's are clear then the doctor will discuss with me plans for coil removed and possibly endo op... hopefully these antibiotics clear my infection soon πŸ™„πŸ˜©


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