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Merina Coil

Hi there, I wondered if anyone could help me. I've suffered for a number of years with pelvic pain and had a laparoscopy in February where they confirmed I had endo. I was put on the combined pill about a month or so after my surgery (my husbands had a vasectomy so wasn't on any contraception). However I came off it after a month as it was turning me into an absolutely psychotic monster, my moods were horrible.

After discussing my options with my gp I had the merina coil fitted last week.

Over the past month I've felt better than I have in years and I thought having the coil fitted would help me going forward but now I don't know if I was being naive as my pain is really bad today.

My pelvic pain, which I now associate with my endo, has always been in my lower back and my legs. I just feel it's as bad as ever, albeit I'm hoping it will only last a few days.

Is it normal to continue to have endo pain even with the coil fitted? Was I being naive?

Any feedback/experience shared is very much appreciated. Thanks

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Hello, when I had the coil fitting few years ago I felt amazing to start with but soon as my period stopped my pain came back and I formed new pains I also had a change in personality, came off the coil after 1.5years on it and felt better. IT could be a endo flair up or the coil is not for you. It's best to talk with a doctor about it and also get the coil checked to see if it's moved lower down x


Thanks Loviso, I think I'll persevere but I'm kind of disappointed that I have pain, I thought it would help me be pain free x


Sorry Loviso, but if you don't mind, how do you manage your pain and symptoms now? X


I take 2 500mg paracetamol 4 times a day IF needed. I'm not one for painkillers. It's either that or I just use heat.


Great thanks again, I'm not one for painkillers either but have taken a few ibroprofen today xx


I know some women use and recommend a TENS machine to manage pain but I've yet to find one that helps -.-


I'll keep that in mind thanks, hadn't heard that before. Willing to try anything that works xx

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Hi, if you have only had the Mirena a week or so, it's too soon to know what effect it is going to have. It takes time to settle. I had pain with it for the first few months but after that very little pain for years. So I suggest giving it time.


Great thanks Fabbird, I'll definitely keep going with it. Yesterday was the worst I'd felt in a while.


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