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Lifted heavy bag post lap (2 months)

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Hi ladies, wonder if I can ask your advice. I had a lap on 10th July. The surgeon diagnosed stage 2/3 endo. I had diathermy treatment on over 20 patches and a mirena cool fitted. It took me about 3 weeks to get back to a sort of normal but have been ok. I'm have been on cerazette for 3 yrs and doc said to continue to stop ovulation. I've been spotting ever since but in the last week, blood loss has increased significantly with some scary blood clots....(sorry if tmi) but some literally fell out on the shower over an inch. I put this down to my body just getting used to everything and there are lots of posts on here that have helped.

However, yesterday I needed to bring the shopping in and my son wasn't around to help. I lifted the bags and felt this humongous cramp in my stomach. It was like a contraction. I instantly dropped all the bags and held my stomach. Very embarrassing. The pain has eased a bit, but the pain is still there a day and a glad later. I'm really worried I have done some damage. Any ideas? It's been over two months since the surgery.

Any advice would be great.

Thank you x

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