2 days post lap.. do I stay in bed? Post op symptoms

I had my lap at 11am on Tuesday was home by 8pm the same day. Feeling a little sore, only taking paracetamol when neeed.. bleeding a little but I’m due my period now I’ve only used 3 pads in 3 days but when I wee there Is a lot of blood there which is common on my period anyway. But feel less groggy now and my Temprature is fine. Not sure how long the recovery is or if I should stay in bed or try and move. Hard to know what to do

My mum isn’t helpful saying I ‘need’ to get up and how I’m ‘taking the pee’ because I’m been lazy.. but I’ve just had surgery!

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you are not being lazy! i had the surgery monday evening and i am still in bed. I do try and move around however not too much. This is my second one and i made the mistake of doing too much last time and ended up ill. My advise is rest as much as you can. The scars need time to heal and so does your body. every 2 hours i get up and walk around for 5 minutes to get my blood moving and to help the gas move so the swelling goes down. Do what you feel is best. Your body will definitely tell you when you have done too much.

She keeps telling me I’m lazy and it’s really annoying me.

I might have to go back home and lay on the sofa. I don’t really need someone lecturing me to what I should or shouldn’t be doing after a surgery it’s not helpful

no im afraid its not. Do what you feel is best. Ive been signed off work for 2 weeks. So clearly we need time to recover. Hope it goes well xx

I had my lap at the beginning of September and it only took me about a week to fully recover. The first day I moved from bed to the couch and then a few walks to the toilet when I needed it. Each day after that I tried walking round the house a bit more and then by day 4 I was able to walk my dog to the park and back. After the dog walk I did ache a bit so spent the rest of the day on the couch but my recovery was quite quick x

Yes, you need to get up. It will speed up your recovery and reduce the risk of blood clots. You don't need to be rushing round like a mad thing, showering and getting dressed and going for a short walk is enough.

You definitely need to be up and having walks around, you need rest but not to be bed bound. I think your mum is being a bit firm in how she’s saying that to you but she is right about being mobile, it’ll help in your recovery xxx

General advise is to walk around 60meters 5-6 times a day as soon as possible. It also reduce adhesion post-op. I was made to walk two days after the operation even though I stayed at the hospital for 4 days.

60 meters as in 2.5 miles?

Ur not being lazy ur nurse prob told u nothing for 48 hours! Or she should have done. Then u need to get up every half hour or so and just mooch round house so u dont thrombose and get the blood moving but u really shouldn’t be doin to much, i think i got out bed on 3rd day but even then i only came down and laid on sofa....mooched about house and that , i didnt go out house till about day 6

Jesus u have just had a op, just coz it was done by keyhole they still rooted about in gut for about a hour!!!

I think you should stay in bed if you need to, or maybe decamp to the sofa. I didn’t go out until the fourth day after my lap and that was too soon! I ended up tired for ages afterwards and succumbed to colds etc easier than normal. I think I should have given myself more time taking it easy.

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