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TTC After one month post lap


So I have came to the conclusion that I want to start a family. I had lap surgery about almost a month and a half ago to remove my endo cysts that was on my left ovary as well as the endo on my uterus. I have never tried this ttc nor have I ever been pregnant. I am hoping that all goes well for me because I would love to have a baby. I am just wondering how difficult has this process been for some of you?

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If your tubes aren't blocked and they cleared your ovaries I'm sure you'll be fine. They say you should start right after a lap to conceive before any scar tissue can grow back. Keep us posted! And good luck :)

DiaLove in reply to Googlequeen

My tubes aren't blocked and thanks for the advice. Yea i am hoping that I get pregnant soon.

Googlequeen in reply to DiaLove

That's great. As long as your ovaries aren't constructed by the endo and there is proper blood flow and everything is free. I don't see you having a problem. Your very lucky! I have not had a lap yet so I am freaking out. I've been in pain for 7 yrs too long and ready for a lap! I'm just worried the lap will do more harm than good so I think I just want them to explore and not cut anything for the first one. I just need to know what's going on in there.

I had endo diagnosed & excised via a lap in May 2010. I fell pregnant with my son on our first proper month of trying (using an ovulation test kit & sperm friendly lubricant) in November 2012, even though my gynaecologist had warned it might be very difficult to conceive. Luckily that time he was wrong. So it can be very easy if you a both otherwise healthy. I was symptom free during my whole pregnancy & then for 14 months breastfeeding, it was wonderful. Sadly now we are struggling to conceive our second baby, but I have no idea if that is Endo related or not.

DiaLove in reply to katybee

Oh I am sorry hear that. I hope that you guys get pregnant soon. And yes I have been using ovulation tests, apps, all types of things to get me pregnant.

Googlequeen in reply to katybee

Hi I was wondering what pain you had before your lap and what the results were to your lap ? Where was the endo?

katybee in reply to Googlequeen

My pain was primarily in my hips throughout most of the month and then mid-cycle I would get very sharp stabbing pains in the left of my pelvis. My periods were very heavy with large clots. Not long before my lap I got such an agonising pain around my left ovary I collapsed and couldn't move or talk. During my lap they found endo adhering my left ovary to my pelvic wall and ureter, which explains it! These days I still get left hip and pelvic pain and I feel very tender to touch over my whole pelvic area mid-cycle. I also get shooting bowel pains some months that take my breath away, so I suspect I have endo there too.

DiaLove in reply to Googlequeen

Well, I have always had terrible periods. Like I would be on the floor crying in pain. I had heavy flow, I got my period twice a month, and it would last 3 weeks. I was always tired no matter how many energy supplements I took. I would mess work a lot. After my lap, they found and confirmed that indeed it was endometrioma cyst and I had a lot of endo spots on my uterus too.

Hi. I am a week tomorrow post lap. I had a partial cystectomy on left ovary and a couple or endo spots removed. Unsure about how easy it is to conceive as my daughter was unplanned. I will be ttc soon as im able. One thing my gyne told me was that for some odd reason it's easy to conceive by going on the pill for a month then off.. Ttc. I will be trying this method. I think you can get kits as well and a basal thermometer to check if your ovulating. I wish you luck. Im sure it will happen for you :-)

DiaLove in reply to zeezeeba

Oh wow I have never heard that before. My doctor wanted me to go on Lupron right away but I was i told him no. I felt like I could have baby if I actually but in some work.

Googlequeen in reply to zeezeeba

Does that mean you had an endometrioma cyst on your left ovary? Like a chocolate cyst? Did you have that when you had your first baby or did it come after?

DiaLove in reply to Googlequeen

Oh I've never been pregnant. But yes I had a chocolate cyst on my left ovary. I never knew I had a cyst on my ovary until I got a trans vaginal ultrasound. I actually had 2 cysts but one went away while the other one stayed.

zeezeeba in reply to Googlequeen

Hi. Im assuming it's a choc cyst.. My follow up is in 7wks. I had multiple septations (a few cysts stuck together forming 1). I had my girl 6 yrs ago. Cyst most likely started forming beginning of last year when I first started noticing things going on. During this time though I was on and off pill as up and down wether or not I wanted another baby. Because cyst was partially removed there is still a chance of it growing back :-( . The cyst was causing my main pains.

Hey, I fell preg 2nd month off the pill, had mc, took two months off, fell preg again - another early mc, then again and now successfully carrying! Despite being told no chance! If you've just had surgery you'll be in the best position.

Please click through to this thread where I posted a lot of ttc advice for another lady which might help you.

Also bear in mind Endo pregnancies are higher risk so when you fall pregnant take it super easy esp in first and last trimester.

Good luck! Xx

Where was your endo and what pain were you in?

Pouch of Douglas, uterosacral ligaments, ovaries, bladder, ureters, bowel and suspected on ileum/diaphragm before I fell preg. Concurrent adenomyosis with focal adenomyoma scheduled for removal along with further excision surgery. Pain that bad was bed bound some days, couldn't walk any distance and hubby had to help me do a lot.

So yeah, they didn't think I stood a chance of preg so docs can be wrong!

P.s. Don't be freaked out by the lap, it's a straightforward surgery and they do it all the time. It could be you only have mild disease but that it's located near a lot of nerves so tonnes of pain doesn't necessarily mean you're riddled with it. You hear all sorts of horror stories and it can be frightening. 10% of women have Endo but only 1% have the severe form. You're much better to deal with it and have surgery than let it fester particularly if you want to ttc post lap. Lots of ladies on here for advice and support xx

Thank you you've really made me feel better about getting a lap. It's long overdue.

Here's some info on preparing for a lap that might help you.

They also have info on what the op itself entails along with lots of other help and advice on the website - I found it really useful.

It's so nerve wrecking when you're facing something you've no experience of. No matter what when they go in and have a look, you'll then have a confirmed diagnosis and thus an answer for all your pain, plus you'll know what you're dealing with - that in itself is worth the op as enables you to move forward. Wishing you lots of luck with it xx

I got pregnant twice (1st time was miscarriage) both in first month of trying after having my 1st Lap. So there is no reason why you shouldn't too. Start taking conception vitamins now for you and your partner and eat healthily too as it all helps to produce good eggs and sperm and getting pregnant quicker. Good luck xx

Keep in touch every one is love to know how things are turning out for everyone. Good luck

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