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2 months after a lap and an adherent ovary?

Hi everyone ,

I was hoping if someone can give some insight into this. I had my first lap done two months ago and they found severe endometriosis, everything was stuck together. We have been trying to get pregnant so doctor gave me prostap for three months and then he said my only option is to have IVF and that too as soon as possible .

I went for the initial IVF appointment last week and the doctor scanned me and found 1cm cyst on my right ovary again but he said that doesn't concern him much, then in the report he wrote 'left ovary was adherent to the uterine fundus and maybe difficult to access during IVF'... Now I really don't know what to make of this statement?

Does it mean that within two months of lap my left ovary has stuck itself again somewhere to my uterus? Is it even possible within two months? Or does it mean something else?

Help would be much appreciated.

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Hi, I've just goggled to find out what fundus is, it's the top of uterus. So it would look as though you are right , that it is stuck.

Unfortunately it can happen quite quickly especially if your endo is aggressive.

It may be worth giving consultant a call to clarify the situation.


I asked my consultant earlier this month that how long will it take to come back and he said everyone is different but usually 18 months... I never thought it would be back in just 2 months... I'm devastated. I really don't want to go though another lap :(

Thanks for your help though Jean!


Hi there I had the same problem last year in October I had an op to unstick my left ovary from my uterus. I still haven't been able to get pregnant naturally or through iui so am waiting on ivf to be approved for funding. We're your tubes blocked? Are you in the UK?


Hi nd1987,

No thankfully my tubes are patent and yes I am in London. This is what I fear since waiting times for IVF are a minimum of 4-6 months and I'm thinking if in just two months the endo is back then by the time they do my IVF (if they approve me for NHS) I would need to have another surgery which I really don't want!

That's why I was asking if anyone's endo has come back within teo months.. I am actually shocked that it could when the doctor said otherwise :/


Hi! I had my first op in 2013 and then in 2015 my tubes are fine to but I was told to try iui first before ivf. I have had 2 failed iui's and going to start my third next week. But in the mean time we have put our forms through for ivf. Hoping we get to start that this year! Please join the infertility forum on here as there may be some ladies in the same position as you. Xx


Hi, sorry things are so stressful for you. The good news is that the fact that the ovary is stuck back down doesn't mean that the endo is back. It is stuck down due to adhesions, or scarring if you like, from the old endo and is not related to new endo forming.

I only have 1 ovary as other had to be removed due to endo. It is adhered behind my uterus but they have still managed to access it for ivf ( not that it did any good. It doesn't respond to the meds and I needed the help of a donor to get my family). It had readhesed within just a few weeks of my surgery.

Good luck for the future, and I hope your ivf is successful.


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