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6 months post-lap...what now?


Hi all, long time answerer, first time questioner hoping for some advice!

I had my laparoscopy at the beginning of March where endo was found and removed and ovarian cysts were removed by ovarian drilling. All went well, recovery was smooth.

However since the initial recovery period I haven't seen a massive difference in my pain levels. My periods are more regular but only last 2 days, they're very heavy and very painful but come and go quickly. Other than that I get 7-10 days of pain roughly 2 weeks later. Sometimes (like today) it is completely random and out of sequence.

I called my GP regarding the pain and he said to call my consultant (I went private). I called my consultant and he said he won't see me again until December at the earliest. During my post-op meeting and my phone call he has failed to tell me how severe the endo was, where it was found or what my next steps should be.

Sorry for the long post, I'm just a bit stuck on what to do next. Should I still be experiencing the same pains 6 months after my lap? Is there anything I can do in the meantime whilst I wait to be allowed another consultation? I'm currently managing with heat packs and paracetamol because I haven't been prescribed any pain relief but my emotions are everywhere with it and I feel a bit in the dark when I thought I would be improving by now.

Thankyou all in advance :)

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I have just been to the doctors for pain relief. I am currently waiting for my next laparoscopy. Did the surgeon do excision surgery for your endo or ablation? I have heard that excision is the best way to remove it, I had ablation and it has since gone worse so now booked for excision. In the mean time I am on prostap and working my way through an assortment of different pain killers to see what works. You may have to try different pain meds to get what works best for you. I hope you find some solutions.

Giraffe92 in reply to hltz

Thankyou lovely. I had excision surgery which is why I'm so unsure about what I should and shouldn't be feeling. I asked about pain killers but can't do anything until he will see me in December. I'm going to call him again today because December is such a long time to wait without any proper pain relief. I hope your next surgery goes well!

Hello regarding pain relief have you tried anything over the counter such as cocodamol, or naproxen? If you haven't got a script for any painkillers I recommend trying your pharmacy and seeing what they have. Also if you are only taking paracetamol, try adding in ibuprofen and rotate taking them, so I do paracetamol then 2 hours later ibuprofen then 2 hours later paracetamol. I do it this was so that even when one is wearing off I've still got a painkiller ij my system.

Giraffe92 in reply to Christin_a

Hi lovely, thankyou for the advice! I will try rotating the ibuprofen and paracetamol, currently I just swallow them both down together and hope for the best haha! I have tried co codamol previously and it made me feel quite ill but I'll definitely enquire about naproxen, thankyou!

Unless you got excision surgery with a BSGE-certified or Nancy Nook surgeon and a team of auxiliary surgeons (bowel surgeon and urologist), most endo is probably still going to be there and you will need to undergo surgery again.

Unfortunately ablation or a poorly performed/incomplete excision surgery is counterproductive if not completely pointless most of the time

Giraffe92 in reply to StefaniaJW

Hi, I had excision surgery with a BSGE certified surgeon. I understand there aren't many in Wales so I got lucky to be referred to him.

StefaniaJW in reply to Giraffe92

Not all BSGE certified surgeons are capable enough . Was a team present? Were you told other organs were involved and you will need a second surgery?

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