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Post lap- struggling with recovery

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So 11 days ago I had my first laparoscopy. They advised I had endometriosis on my POD, Bowel, Bladder, Kidney, Lining of my kidney to bladder, my pelvis, womb, fallopian tubes and inner lining. I didnt even know half of it was possible, especially on my kindeys. Who knew.

My surgery lasted 4 hrs, and the first week I could barely walk from the pain. I am feeling loads better, but still struggling a bit with the pain especially when sitting for a long time. (I work in an office so im sitting 9-5.) This wednesday, ill have been off work for 2 weeks. My sick line runs to friday, but honestly, i just dont see my sticking out a whole week of sitting all day. Has anyone been able to have some sort of phased return into work? Im starting to get lonely as my boyfriend works all day and my family can only pop over inbetween shifts too. I feel emotionally ready to go back but not physically and its really starting to get to me. Any advice?

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What about seeing if your employer would accept you working from a sun lounger type chair with a table over the top or resting a laptop on one of those trays designed for resting a meal on your lap (the sort with a cushion on the underside). Even if it means you taking your own chair in, it would be better than staying on the sick. You may find it will take a long time to build up abdominal strength, ask your GP if you can be referred to physio to get some exercises to build up abdominal strength. Otherwise you could get a personal trainer, but it can be hard finding one that understands how to recover someone from surgery.

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Thanks for replying. Sadly, its a call centre i work in so needs full blown computers to handle our software plus headseats etc and another girl in my work waited on her chair from the work for 20 whole weeks then was let go. Im going to ask for a phased return and see where that gets me though x


Reading your post certainly sounds like a lot of endo was detected but having 2 weeks off work doesn’t quite seem match up with the amount of surgery you have had. Your surgery sounded pretty complex, I am pleased you are feeling better, it’s such a journey.

After all you know your body better than anyone else, a phased return can be stipulated by your GP under a fit note which states that you are not yet fit for your full designated hours . Some companies will refer you to their Occupational health departments, I too am going back on a phased return as can’t sit for 7:5 hrs following surgery.

Kats post had some really good ideas too x

Wishing you lots of luck

K x

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Thanks for replying. Yeah, to be honest ive been told i should probably be off longer but im just so sick of the lack of routine and motivation. Im not physically able yet to go back full time and i know it but its so hard being at home for so long. Cant believe i want to go back to work lol! Thank you for the advice X

Thanks for replying! My surgery was pretty gruelling, i didnt expect it to be as bad but they scraped and lasered away at pretty much every organ in my abdominal area 😬😭 A colleague of mine waited 20 weeks for a chair and still didnt recieve it(was eventually fired). I dont trust them to provide sadly. My friends are coming round but nearly all of them work shifts or work during the day so pretty much everyone comes round at once and im left alone all day lol! Not great. Oh i love video games play them alot but its my 12th day sick and im just over it now i guess 😬x

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That's appalling that your colleague had to wait so long for a chair. Pfffft.

I hope they are better with you!

Yeah my friends are kinda the same, I speak to them more over Facebook and stuff then I do face to face.

Thank god for my psn friends! Haha

I hope you start to feel better soon.

Feel free to PM me if you ever want to talk.

Hi, im so sorry that you are going through all of that but as some people have already said it doesnt sound that you have had enough time off. I work in a similar enviroment and work 10 to 12 hr shifts sitting all day surrounded by screens, headsets etc. I know how frustrating it is to sit at home being bored and lonely. My advice is though if your body isnt ready you will really suffer long term. I had a lap in april which was an 1 hr long. I had 2 weeks off and was going so mad I said Ill go back as I was going nuts. Since then I have had 8 periods off sick which is causing issues. Luckily my work are so supportive (even though all my managers and HR are men!!) and have given me OCH health appts and made accomadations for me in working at home or having a lot more breaks, giving me a lighter workload etc. Just be careful as I still take a lot of painkillers and get brain fog which is not the best at work. I know some people swear by the diet (doesnt work for me) I would say if you look and truly be honest with yourself and put yourself in a friends position would you say to yourself are ready to go back to work? If yes then great go for it but take it easy, if no then get an extension for sick leave. As for boredom, i love to read and got myself a lego set which set me for days and made me feel like a kid again which I loved. Also went to my local swimming group (normally go on my own but wanted to ensure I had someone keep an eye on me in case a flare up came) Sorry for the long post just don't want you to make the same mistake I did xx good luck and hope you feel better soon.

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Yeah, to be honest im so mentally ready to go back but not physically at all. I sat in my grandmas house for 45 minutes on a chair, and when i stood up again could barely walk just like right after my surgery. Was so strange. I have a doc apt 4pm today, so im going to have a good chat with them. Thanks so much for your reply really puts it into perspective for me. Xx

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I hope your appt goes well just be really honest and you will be thankful for it long term as you have to look after yourself first before anyone else. Maybe it will be good to have a bit longer off means you can pamper yourself. I remember doing a spa day on my time off and felt great afterwards it wasnt even that expensive if you find deals online I found a day spa for £50 with one treatment. Im sure your work will understand but they will be more thankful you have one long period time off then lots of small somes as it is harder to cover. Hope that makes sense!! Let us know how you are going and what you decide but you know your body and capabilities are xx all the best and hope you feel better soon.

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So i had my appt today and my doc wouldnt even consider a phased return right now and in fact extended my sick line even more to september 7th! So thats that out of the window lol! He knows best though and ill just need to occupy myself until then x

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