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Post op.blocked tubes.devastated

Hi guy's

just had my second lap yesterday.

surgeon told me I had severe endometriosis he did the dye test I have one fallopian tube blocked the other scared and almost blocked.a lot of deep endo on the bowel which I think he said he removed. A few cyts also. He then went on to say only way I can have a child is with IVF which I wasn't prepared for.

I can't stop crying as I know ivf is not a option for me. I live month by month in Dublin.Money problems.He has debt from year's ago which he's still paying back so borrowing isn't a option.I'm 35 he has kid's from a previous.teenagers now.

I'm absolutely devastated. Has anyone Bern in similar situation.

post op crampy,slight spotting.Pain in legs and shoulder.zero sleep as I'm crying all the time.Thanks xx

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hi Neef, sorry you are going through this, the one positive thing you should look at is at least you have had the laparoscopy and have been diagnosed. Better sooner than later. I totally understand re the pain and how difficult it is trying to manage the pain. I myself was told the same as you, I have sever endo, and deep endo on my bowels etc and area in which they can not touch as it would be damaging my ovaries and tubes and my only realistic chance of conceiving is via IVF. I would suggest that you natural try once you are better (I have heard of many success stories) and another possibility is to go abroad for ivf where it is more than likely to be a lot cheaper than the uk. As your partner has already had a child previously, you both won't be eligible for a free cycle on the nhs. have you tried reaching out to family? maybe they could all help in some way? try and stay strong, sending you hugs x

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Ye I'm just waiting for it all to sink in.I'm going to try in a few weeks anyway.my Mam said she would help if she could but she lives on her own and doesn't have much money. I'm in Ireland also. Thanks for your advice.friends keep asking me how it went.I can't face telling them the truth.don't want them feeling sorry for me.

I agree I'm glad I had the procedure now.

Painkillers don't seem to be working very tender and crampy.


It is your choice whether you want to tell anybody, I have chosen not to tell any friends as they often ask me too. The pain will be a lot worse the first few weeks after the op, hopefully that ease down for you in the next month or so. I would suggest you book an appointment with the GP anyhow to discuss your options for IVF and if partner can try and give up smoking, you stand a good chance for the free cycle, depending on what area you live. IVF is a postcode lottery!


Hi Lovely, I am in the same position as you, told I can't have IVF because my husband has a teenage son from previous relationship which has also left me devastated, I think it is a very cruel and unfair system, big hugs


Such a lot to take in...your body's been through an awful lot with operation and emotionally you are drained..please go easy on yourself... I had lap last week and been told my chances aren't great... consultant hasn't mentioned ivf to me but wants me to take prosap injections for 3mt and then try for baby for next 3 and she would see me in 6mts time! she explained the dye tests sometimes helps flush out the tubes and although they found mine to b slightly blocked she was still a little hopeful (but I have a greater risk of ectopic pregnancy ) I live in Donegal so like you I don't know if the HSE have a system of helping with ivf....we are so far behind in Ireland it scares me I can't imagine they offer it for free! I actually had to have my surgery in northern Ireland under a cross border scheme as the waiting list here was up to 3years (on top of the 2 &half yrs I already spent on waiting list) I will be forever greatful this type of scheme is in place cos it's given me a little hope... the nhs service is amazing in comparison to here

if it's a possibility for you to get help in northern ire...ask you gp about the cross border scheme asap...not sure what will happen with this when UK leave EU


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