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Update to previous post..diagnosed with endomitriosis

So today I had a drs appointment told him my symptoms and he said it sounded like I had endomitriosis he has given me the 3 month contraception injection is anybody else on this? If this doesn't work then I have to see a specialist I don't know if I'm holding much hope on the injection working but am finally glad to get a diagnosis.

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At the moment your gp is just guessing that you might have endo. The injection you have been given might mask some of the symptoms you have and it might not. It is no indication of whether or not you have endo. If your symptoms indicate endo then the only way to get a proper diagnosis is to have a laparoscopy.

What symptoms do you have?


Sorry. Just read your previous post and yes your symptoms do sound like endo so i would suggest that you ask for a referral.

All the best x


Same as me! I don't think I have endo as I still have the pain. I go bak in Dec. Soo we will see.

All we can do is try. Hope it works.


Hi a contraceptive doesn't stop endo, once you have it you have it, a contraceptive just slows down the process of it growing as it grows with each bleed. You show go back to your doctor and request a referral to a gynaecologist and be seen by them


A gp can't diagnose endo, he's just guessing. He should really have referred you to a gynaecologist. X


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