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Decapeptyl 3-month injections

After years of nagging many GP's a few months ago I finally got sent for an internal ultrasound. The results showed I had possible endometriosis.

From then my GP referred me to a gynaecologist. All good or so I thought.

He wasn't the best to be fair and the only outcome he really had for me was 2 doses of the 3 month decapeptyl injections with add back Livial.

At 24 I didn't think this was the best solution for me, given that my moods shift enough on everything else I've tried!

I got the injection on Thursday and the last few days have been hell. Headaches, constant crying, horrible moods and not being able to attend work.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had symptoms develop this quickly and if it does get any easier? Already thinking I can't handle 3 months of this let alone 6. Any help would be greatly appreciated x

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I had zoladex with livial and suffered terribly on the GNHR agonists, brain fog, pins and needles, bone aches, memory loss to name a few. I did try a second round with doubled livial which got me sort of functioning but was still nearly as bad.

I refused to take the third and my surgeon has accepted that with no quibble.

It's your body you don't have to take a treatment that isn't working for you.

Of course frustratingly there are only a limited number of non surgical treatment options. I also struggled with the coil physically and and am now investigating other progestogens.


These drugs cause a hormone surge in the first couple of weeks so things do tend to get worse before they get better. Once you go into menopause and your oestrogen levels drop you should in theory start to feel better. Hang in there. That said, if after the three months you don't feel like it is helping, you don't have to have a second injection.


Thanks for the replies ladies. Hopefully my work are understanding over the whole situation and realise I'm doing all I can in regard to it x


My only advice is try it. Theres 3 treatments for endo and unless you do what your Dr says, no doubt theyll sign you off! People always demand surgery as if its some sort of cure? No more so than the other 2 which is contreception or chemical menopause. I try zoladex for the second time tomorrow after surgery 5 months ago failed! No doubt it wont work, like it didnt do the first time i tried it, but it pays to play along with your drs. Even if its only temporary and you dont stick out the whole course. Youve at least 'tried'. Good luck!


Hi, I'm 24 and ive had PCOs and endo for about 4 1/2 years. I've been on GnHr and add back for a year now. I had a lap, MRI and numerous blood tests prior to the treatment. To begin with I had the exact same side effects as you are describing but in comparison with the agonising pain I was in I was prepared to battle through. So glad I did. I do suffer with muscle cramp, pins & needles, fatigue, brain fog/mild memory loss - which all sounds terribly dramatic but I am completely fully functional. The bloating and pain I was experiencing for two year before treatment disappeared after 2 months, thank god. It's not been easy and along with weight gain the side effects aren't great, but for me it is the lesser of two evils. I'm due for my review next week and fingers crossed I will be able to have a trial without treatment which will have hopefully solved this horrible saga in my life! Good luck to you!


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