Stage 4 Endo Treatment After Childbirth

I'm looking for advice about treatment for endometriosis after child birth. I'm expecting my first baby in November, conceived via IVF. I have stage 4 endometriosis, covering my entire pouch of Douglas, ligaments etc. I've not been told it has reached my bowels tho most of the pain stems from severe ibs type symptoms. My first lap was around 7 years ago and I was in theatre for many hours. After the op I was on the pill and only had pain during my period. When we decided to start trying for a baby and I came off the pill and started having a period every month the pain became horrendous. I had another lap last year to try and improve fertility, didn't get much of a report and I don't think much work was done to me as I recovered very quickly compared to last time. After this lap the pain became much worse and was daily. We ended up needing IVF which to our amazement worked! I have however continued to have endo pain throughout the pregnancy, tho no where near as bad as it was.

I'm now starting to wonder what the best course of action would be for me after the baby is born. I would like to try IVF again in the future, but probably not for at least two or three years.

Should I request another lap then go back on the pill? What treatment path have others gone on after having a baby? I'm so grateful that I'm at last going to be a mum but the thought of going back to that daily pain and having periods again terrifies me. Xx

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  • Congratulations on your little one hope all goes well with birth :) , I did conceive naturally and my endo wasn't any where near as bad as yours , but after my baby was born I went straight into the pill back to back and had a lap when he was 10m it did help the pain somewhat , I'm still on the pill, have you considered the mirena coil it is supposed to be amazing for some women , I still had my pain the whole time I was pregnant even though some doctors seem to think you can't have endo if you feel pain still while pregnant - wrong. There are quite a few options mainly hormonal , it's trial and error really as to what works best for you , good luck with everything x

  • Thanks for the congrats! I know some docs seem clueless about endo, the last one I mentioned the pain to said 'that's odd your pregnancy should be curing the endometriosis' ...what can you do lol x

  • Hi - after your baby you must be seen by a highly skilled surgeon to excise your endo. This should only be tackled in a centre of excellence where there will be a team of surgeons including bowel and urology surgeons. The reason your endo got so bad after coming off the pill is not so much having periods again, but experiencing high oestrogen levels again in the first half of your cycle peaking at the mid cycle surge which will have stimulated your endo. Click on my name and have a look at my post on POD endo and the one on how to find a specialist centre.

  • Thanks Lindle I've read your POD post before and found it very interesting as it mentions all the areas I have been told my endo is located. Thanks x

  • Congratulations on conceiving with IVF. We had our little one through IVF 19 months ago. After the delivery I went on the mini pill (can't have combined for other reasons) but bled through and was anaemic so was given the mirena coil. Continued to get pain during ovulation and saw a specialist who recommended the depo as well as the coil but I didn't go for it because I was reluctant after finding out it can take so long to get out of your system and we would love to ttc again next year. xx

  • Thanks for your advice, great to hear you were also able to have a child through IVF. I've been on depo before and didn't take to it well as I became very depressed and put on a lot of weight...I think the coil maybe a very similar drug? Think I will hopefully go back on the pill after baby arrives then push for another lap x

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