Post endo survery depression

I'm a week post endo surgery and saw the consultant today to have the stitches out and as a follow up. I am so tearful about everything. We have done 2 rounds of ivf on nhs which sadly didn't work and are going privately for the next round. Due to the healing process we can only start ivf in about 3-4 months. Am just feeling so helpless and down about the whole situation. Am also still in a lot of pain which doesn't help. Has anyone else felt like this after surgery and how long did the pain last?

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Hey Sara,

Sorry to hear you're going through a rough time of it. Post surgical pain can still be there 4-6 wks on to some extent. 1 week after is very early days, take it easy on yourself, try to pamper yourself and relax. The recovery time really depends on the stage of endo found and what was done in surgery, but I'd say you'll begin to feel a lot better by 2-3wks.

The anaesthetic can make you feel very emotional and depressed so that's totally normal. It's also not surprising that after being through a lot of treatment everything is getting to you. I'd take the next 3-4 months to recover and strengthen yourself. Maybe consider yoga, acupuncture and following the endo diet as ways of empowering yourself to self treat the disease and get yourself into a strong position for 'the next round'.

It's ok to sit back and take care of yourself for a few months and you'll be in much better shape to try again now that the op is all over.

Hope you feel better soon.

Hugs xx

Thank you so much for your reply. It helps to know I'm not alone and that the feelings I have are some what normal. I eat gluten and wheat free. Can I ask what exactly is the endo diet? Thanks again.

It's np Sara, I completely understand how it can all get to you. Endo resolved is a website I found that is a really good resource. It's helped me to feel more in control and able to cope with symptoms etc. Here is the link to the endo diet.

It basically involves cutting out wheat (so you're ahead of the game) and certain animal products that contain oestrogen ie. Red meat, eggs and dairy. I've cut out most of that and already feel a lot better, working on the wheat - it's hard to find a substitute!

I've also found herbal teas like chamomile, ginger and particularly peppermint are helpful and are safe when ttc.

Sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery. You're doing great for getting through so much - remember to pat yourself on the back for that! x

Thank you so much. X

Accupunture has helped my depressed feeling - also look into 'mild' ivf - less drugs and can start treatments each month. I'm just about to embark on it.

Good luck x

Thank you for the info. Good luck with your treatment. X

Sorry it's called modified natural ivf - works with endo sufferers I've been told x

Thank you so much. X

Hi. I will be in your position in 4 days. Can I ask how long you was in surgery for? Xxx

Hi, I think my surgery was about an hour and half. The surgeon said it was quite complicated but he achieved what was needed. I hope all goes ok for you. X

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