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Post Lab at BSGE hospital!

Hey everyone that's me had my lap to remove my Endo. My cyst had doubled in size from Feb so was 7cm but the specialist said he got all the endo out :-D. He has made it clear that surgery is only a stop gap and it's very likely my Endo will return but are said if it does I might want to consider removing my left ovary as it's the only side affected. Appart from the expected pain after surgery I do feel better. No burning cramps pains on my left side anymore. Will be interesting to see if a cyst does reappear by the time my next IVF cycle comes round. Fingers crossed it doesn't :-) x

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Hi CE_88_14,

How long ago did you have it done? Did you have it burnt away or cut out? I had my Lap 2 days ago and had mine cut out and I'm really struggling with the pain. :o(

Ally xx


I had it done yesterday I'm still in hospital today. I think abit of both but mine was mild it was my cyst and ovary being stuck to my bowel which was causing me all the pain. I'm uncomfortable and I can't take strong painkillers either so I'm just on paracetamol but I will take this pain any day if it stops me being in pain all the time x


Totally agree. I honestly have no idea what I'd of done if the surgery wasn't available. It has honestly been a life saver to me.

Hope your recovering well. I'm enjoying the time in bed, stress free and pain killered up!!

Speedy recovery


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Ye tell me about it I'm still getting a lot of pain in my shoulders but otherwise should be up and about soon enough just can't wait to get home :-).

Speedy recovery xx


I had shoulder pains bad for 2 days. I found eating mints helped moved the air/ gas xx

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