Severe post-surgery blues

Hi all,

I had a laproscopy on Thursday, so almost a week ago. I'm healing and finally the pain is subsiding!

However, I'm an absolute mess - I feel so, so down. I'm miserable and just can't stop crying. I have a lot going on personally at the moment without the op and news of the endo, but I still can't quite believe how down I am...

Is this normal? Have other people experienced this level of 'lowness' after their laproscopies? I'm hoping I'll start to feel soon, but I'm feeling very lonely which isn't helping :-/


Lise x

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  • sorry to hear you have other personal issues that i'm sure arent helping with your emoitions at the moment. Rest assusred though you're not along witht the post surgery blues, you're experiancing something a lot of women go through. I was reall emotional after my op, i was more up and down rather than constantly sad but I culd find myself crying for no reason and staring of into spae just feeling down. I'm not sure what causes it but I hope this helps make you feel less alone and more normal :)

    sending hugs, i hope you get to feel a little more like yourself soon xxx

  • Thank you - that reeeally helps to hear! How long did you feel like that for? I'm seriously hoping I get back to being me soon! xx

  • Its hard to say how long i felt like it regarding the surgery as unfortuantely a really big upset came to the family a few weeks after my surgery which caused a spiral of depression on top. However I shouldnt think it would last longer than the recovery itself, a lot of women tend to say how once they were back out and about again those feelings lessened. Are you on any medication for depression at the moment? it may be worth making an apt with your docotr to see if they can give you anything, depression seems to be very common in ladies suffering with endo anyway.

    I'm always happy to have a talk, i'm often up late at night due to pain lately too so if you ever want to message me feel free x

  • Thank you so much for your reply :-)

    No, having had depression before I don't think it's actually that, though admittedly it's not hugely dissimilar right now! x

  • I cried (a lot) from Weds last week (surgery) until Sunday, okay Monday until I spoke to surgeon for update, balled for hours, then Tuesday decided I was okay and needed to get on with it. Quick 2 minute snivel last night as well. So, unless I'm weird too, I'd say you are perfectly normal :) Its a good way of getting it all of your system so go for it :)

  • Thank you! Glad to know I'm not the only one! :-)

  • Sooooooo normal, I was seriously down in the dumps after my surgery then a whole load of personal horrendousness happened too so I am still a bit weepy now and then but the head is starting to get back to strong land so its going in the right direction at least, although I am not sure I will ever live down crying at a re-run of masterchef!!! You will snap out of it and get back to normal, think it has lots to do with the drugs they give you and the trauma to your body so all the good stuff is used to heal you, depriving the brain from happy juice for a while.

    "This too, shall pass"

    :) xx

  • Ah thank you :-) That makes me feel better to hear it's normal! I haven't cried at masterchef ...*yet*, but everything and anything is setting me off anyway! xx

  • Hi I'm new to this forum , but wanted to add .. anesthetic takes a long time to leave your body ..I would suggest taking B6 and having your Vitamin D tested . With the vitamin D you will need to be in the Upper reference range ..

    I recently had a laperoscopy and procedure which also left me low . If you were low on Vit D and B6 prior to you Lap it would effect how you are feeling now .

    I hope you feel brighter soon xx

  • Thank you very much for this, I'll look into it! X

  • Hi. I had my lap about about 5 weeks ago, I'm just starting to feel normal again. My husband is currently being treated for stress headaches and depression and with myself being so down in the dumps and lacking energy to do anything it's been a real struggle. I've hardly been out of the house and feel like I'm bringing up my ten year-old all on my own as my husband's condition seems to have worsened.

    All I would say is don't beat yourself up about it, do what you can and rest when you need to. Take good care of your diet and take supplements as already suggested. Meditation will also help if you are able to also going out for short walks for fresh air if you can.

    But most importantly, Don't worry, it will get better !!

  • So wonderful to read these experiences; just over a week since my laparoscopy and I am such an emotional mess. I feel like there's nothing left to be happy about, I'm exhausted and still sore.

    Did anyone have 'extra' tiredness alongside their low mood? How long does the tiredness last for? I had a check up today, the nurse checked my incisions etc and she said I should get myself booked in to check for anaemia. I do have heavy periods and obviously Endo (hopefully not anymore since the surgery) but this particular sadness and tiredness has been since the surgery...


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