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Mirena & combined pill together?

Hi everyone,

Hope your having a good day!

I went to see my GP yesterday, about getting my mirena coil removed.

I had it put in 7months ago during lap, and haven't really found it helpful.

It causes pain and I am still having 2 week long periods there not as heavy as without but still very painful and 2 weeks is not normal.

I have also been breaking out a lot, and as someone who's never suffered with spots in my life, it's really getting me down.

I told my GP I wanted it removed but she said she wouldn't as it's the best thing for endo!

Except it's not working!

So she prescribed me a combined pill 'Yasmin' to take along side the coil to help stop the bleeding.

I am just really worried about taking so many hormones it can't be good for you.

Just looking for some advice

Has anyone used the mirena and combined pill together? Did it help with bleeding and pain levels?

Did it help with breakouts?

Any side effects?

Any advice would be much appreciated thanks.


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Hi, I have mirena coil and taking two progestron only pills. So like you, I am concerned about taking artificial hormone so much.

However, as I bleed with Mirena coil, I think this means my estrogen level is quite high. So I take the mini pills as well, this was suggest by my consultant.

It is worrying to take more hormone as it may cause something else in future. At the same time, it is worrying not to suppress endometriosis enough. I have very severe endo, so I don't want to get it more advanced, again.

I don't suffer from side effect really. I think it is a personal choice, so if you are not sure, find out about the meds and treatment by reserching or ask questions to your GP and consultant.

Hope your bleeding settles. x

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Thanks so much for your reply, its so difficult knowing what to do with endo as everything seems to be contradicting.

take care x


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