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Help with Mirena

Hi everyone. I had the mirena iud fitted in October 2014 and after a few initial problems it has settled in well. It has helped considerably with my bleeding and pain from endo (pain was referred to shoulder and neck from my diaphragm) and I'm really pleased with that side of things. Unfortunately the hormonal side of things hasn't been so good and I'm looking for tips or advice on how to treat these side effects. The coil was fitted as a last resort before full hysterectomy so having it removed isn't an option for me at the minute. I've been feeling like I've pmt most of the time, something i didn't really suffer from previously. I've also lost all interest in sex. I mean totally, like the thought of it makes me cringe. Between my moods which range from slight depression to raging anger and the loss of all sex drive I'm worried my marriage will suffer if it carries on in the long term. I'm taking EPO daily and also Kalms 😔 and they do seem to help a bit but I really want to feel like my normal happy self again. I've also tried horny goats weed for my sex drive but didn't notice any difference. The benefits of the coil do still outweigh the negatives and I'm sure I'd suffer with similar problems after a hysterectomy so i feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. Any advice out there? I'm getting a bit desperate and the GP was no help. Thank you.

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Hi, I have never posted on here before but your situation seems very similar to mine. I have the mirena but was suffering terribly with y moods etc and gp put me on micronor pill as well, took about 4 months to feel the benefits but honestly feel much better with the combination of both, Maybe it would help to try? Hope u get sorted soon 😄


Thanks for your reply 😊 GP wouldn't give me the pill because I'm 39 but i might go back to a different doctor and ask again if there's a chance it will help. I'm willing to try most things at this stage lol!


I think you need to insist on seeing a gynaecologist or other endometriosis specialist.

In the first place I see no reason why you should not be given the pill just on your age. I had the pill until 50, as it was the only thing, then, that helped my endo.

However, when I stopped, at 50, the perimenopause plus endo was horrific, so I had a mirena: best thing I've ever done.

But, before the pill, or any other treatment, you need to know exactly what your hormones are doing. I would insist on seeing either a gynae, or endo Dr, or maybe an endocrinologist.

Hope it goes well.

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Hi there,

I've had my coil for almost 3 and a half years now. The first 6 months were a roller coaster of mood swings and loss of libido. After that I felt so much happier and my sex drive returned. I know these things differ from woman to woman, and I know it's difficult, but maybe try and stick it out for another couple of months and see? My GP wouldn't do anything because it hadn't been in for six months anyway! Hope this helps! Any other questions, feel free to message me :) x


Thanks for the replies and advice. Its helped me just to know that there's a chance I will go back to normal with a bit of time. If my hormones settle down the coil will have been a real success when i was running out of options. I had some blood tests to check hormone levels and should get the results in the next day or two. Thanks again.


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