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Hello fellow endo warriors!

I had my second laparoscopy 9 days ago. My first a year ago was just to diagnose the condition and because of the extent of the endo and adhesions found they were unable to remove anything at the time. I was diagnosed wth stage 4. This time the surgeon did a fantastic job and was able to remove most of the endo as well as freeing up my bowel, bladder, Fallopian tube and ovary from adhesions. I also had it covering the whole back wall of my pelvis and a lot of new growth surrounding my vagina (which would explain why I found intercorse so painful) I was under anaesthetic for 4 hours!!!

While at the hospital the doctor gave me a sick note for two weeks. I had explained to my employer that it would be a minim of two weeks I would need off and dependant on how much work I had done. I need to phone my boss today and update him on how I feel and when he should expect me back. I'm still in a lot of pain, it seems to have got better for a few days and then got worse, I don't know whether I've done too much the last few days or what but I'm feeling very sore and sorry for myself today! Please could anyone offer me any advice as to how long they have been off work after their op etc. I am a childcare practitioner and care for a group of very energetic 2 year olds so I don't want to push myself to go back too soon. Also my boss being male I feel quite uncomfortable discussing my condition with him, more because of his reaction when I try to explain.

On the plus side the operation went better than first thought and the specialist surgeon was able to save my fallopian and ovary which are now in full working order! So hopefully after a few weeks my partner and I can continue to try and conceive our first child!


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2 weeks sounds extremely optimistic for that much work to me.

I had a similar op to that but with deep rectal bowel shave and removal of part of my vagina and I was signed off for a minimum of 6 weeks on an office job.

I've just had to extend that to 12 weeks due to nerve pain and slow recovery after viral meningitis put me back in hospital.

I would double whatever they tell you they think will be recovery time.

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Jessicat87 in reply to Starry

Hi Starry, thanks for your reply and sorry to hear about the complications you suffered on top of trying to recover from your surgery! I know everyone recovers at different rates and that's why they only offer a two week sick note to begin with but it makes me feel like I should be further along the road to recovery than I am and it's getting me down! I'm not one to sit around doing nothing and doing it day after day is driving me potty!!

Hope you feel better soon!


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Starry in reply to Jessicat87


I think I drew the short straw a little and yes I'm going stir crazy.

I wanted to reassure you, to take as long as you need even on my diagnostic lap I took 5 weeks rather than 2.

The longer you are under anaesthesia the longer recovery will take as it has a powerful effect on the body itself. I was under more than 4 hours too.

This time I was given a abdominal surgery recovery guide booklet that says recovery can be up to 12 weeks for bigger procedures.

I'd have thought 4 to 8 weeks would be a likely range with moderate work and then 6 to 12 for someone with extensive work like me.

Like you I found the 2 week time periods stressful and created a false expectation with my employer so this last one I discussed with GP and got signed off for a full 6 weeks. It's helpful to my employer as there is more predictability.

Thanks for your reassurance! I'm probably being too hard in myself I quite often am.

All the best for your recovery.



I have had surgery twice now for endometriosis. Had a lap in September 2016 which I had 2 weeks or so off work to allow my wounds to heal. I had part 1 of surgery in Dec 2016 which I had about just over 4 weeks off work. Since that operation I was put on a course of zoladex in preparation for part 2 of surgery. This was a monthly injection that basically shuts the ovaries down and puts the body into a temporary menopause (yes it brings all the horrible menopausal side effects too) I had to go off work on sick leave at the end of June 2017 as the side effects were too much. I had surgery on 15th August 2017 and I still have no immediate plans to go back. I learnt a bit of a lesson after surgery 1 as I still didn't feel 100% ready but I was cautious I'd been off for a bit. I do an office job and still found it exhausting for the first few weeks and after a few days it's like you've never been off people just forget. One thing you need to think about is that when you go back to work, especially more since you work with children, you will be expected to get straight back into things and then you may find after a few days you aren't ready and are struggling. Then you may find yourself in a position where you feel like you can't go off again as it was technically your choice to go back. I would say don't worry about when you will go back to work as you have had major surgery by the sounds of it and you will need atleast 6 weeks to fully recover maybe more. Maybe just let your employer know what a realistic timescale is so they aren't expecting you back sooner. If you do feel ready before then that's a bonus to them. Hope you start to feel more human soon. I'm on week 4 now and it's taken me a good few weeks to get back to feeling more myself. Had a few set backs with infection but hopefully on the up now.

Hi Katie thanks for your reply.

I've decided with the advice on here and from family and friends that I need to give myself time and not to stress too much about not feeling up to going back asap.

I have put off ringing my boss until tomorrow, I'm hoping that I can get my drs appointment moved forward to tomorrow when I'm seeing the nurse to have my stitches removed. I'm feeling much worse today as the day goes on. Ive got a migraine and being sick so haven't been able to keep down any pain killers. I don't know if it's a side effect of the medication I have been taking or if I have an underlying infection.

Wishing you all the best for your recovery and for the second part of your surgery! Xx

Hi Jessica it sounds like we've bad very similar operations. I'm 2 weeks into my recovery and have been signed off for six weeks. I'm an infant school teacher. I'm starting to feel a bit better now and hoping I won't need the full six weeks, but I'm certainly not fit for work yet. I had a similar procedure (18 months ago) focussing on my bladder and I went back to school after four weeks, on a phased return, and that was tough. Being at work is very different to pottering around at home, so just be careful and take your time. Good luck ttc - fingers crossed for you 🤞😀

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Jessicat87 in reply to Cath77

Thanks for the reply Cath!

I've been signed off for longer and have now been prescribed antibiotics for a UTI. The doctors have also taken bloods for further testing to rule out any other infections (one of my sites is weeping and slightly inflamed) I'm getting very frustrated with not being able to do a lot and finding it hard to sleep at night. Trying to do odd bits around the house and catching up with friends over a coffee.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.

All the best


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