Lap pain urggghhh

Hey all, I'm just here for a bit of a drug fuelled moan I'm afraid...

Just had my first lap, and endo was confirmed on the left side and on my bowel on the right side and was removed. I've also had a lot of erosion on my cervix removed and the coil fitted. They've had to keep me overnight because I was bleeding lots and my pain is severe even dosed up to the eyeballs with opiates, and had a few vomiting spells, which feels lovely... I also am having a lot of difficulty peeing, anybody else had that problem? I'm desperate but it just won't come and sitting on the toilet exacerbates the shoulder and diaphragm pain. Speaking of, any advice on getting it shifted from a hospital bed? Or is it just a waiting game. Sleep is not an option currently.

Again sorry for the rant, I'm sure this is a common story but feeling a little overwhelmed and alone right now.

Any advice or words of wisdom hugely appreciated. Thanks guys,

K x

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  • Hi, peppermint tea should help with the gas pain in shoulders. The anesthetic can make bladder go to sleep and it can take a while for it to wake up.hope you're ok.

  • Hi! I have just had my 2nd lap and am lying in bed with pain and gas!! Oh how I love the gas. Just try to get a regular routine going with your meds. It will help. I didn't have any trouble peeing the 1st time, but I do now. The nurse said it was an expected side effect as everything is quite inflamed inside and I had some quite drastic work done. I just go to the loo ready to take my time. It does come eventually. I spent a night in hospital and couldn't wait to leave so feel your pain. I found that walking around is the only way to shift the pain (this makes you fart!) but it did cause me a lot of pain to begin with. Hope you feel better soon.

  • I had my second lap yesterday for removal of endo and the coil fitted and everything your experiencing is Normal so don't worry I feel the exact same way! I spend a good 10 minutes on the loo waiting for it happen and it will come eventually expect to be a bit bunged on the bowel side of things for a couple of days also. I avoid peppermint tea as sometimes this can upset my stomach I have chopped fresh ginger tea (but everyone is different) and that helps me burp and Also sitting up slightly rather than lying down.

    Walking around will cause you pain but it's best to walk around a little like miss_E8 said it'll help with the gas but also your recovery. It's going to take time and your going to feel weak and shaky for a couple of days but getting into a good routine with your pain meds is the best thing as my consultant told me yesterday.

    I hope you feel better soon, it'll just take some time :)

  • I too was kept in over the weekend due to not peeing enough post lap and catheter removal. The nurse suggested I walk around and this did help as each time they scanned my bladder less and less stayed in. Hope the helps.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery xx

  • Sounds like you need some decent anti sickness to cope with the opiates, I had my lap on Tuesday, and was discharged yesterday after I had a drain removed. You really do have to push yourself to do gentle movements, I have struggled far more with the pain in my shoulders and chest than when I have had it before. Bladders do go to sleep, try keep your fluids up and try snacking on foods as they stimulate your bowel and bladder to start moving again. Peppermint tea defo helps. Gentle hugs and try not to be too hard on yourself xx

  • Forgot to say try taking nice big breaths on a regular basis! The type that move your whole chest! x

  • Hey,

    Sorry you're feeling so rubbish - it will get better, honest!

    After my first lap I had to get a catheter in as I couldn't pee. It's pretty common apparently. They removed the catheter after a couple of days and it was fine. After my second day lap my bladder was a bit reluctant but once I got home it was fine. They'll keep an eye on it for you.

    Hope you feel better quickly x

  • Peppermint capsules from Holland and Barrett xx

  • Oh and the bladder problem is probably a sleepy bladder from the general anaesthetic 24-48hours post op for me it was pretty much back to normal x

  • Thanks guys, I really appreciate all your responses. I'm still in the hospital at the mo but managed to empty more of my bladder so fingers crossed i can go home soon. I got some antisickness meds too which have helped. Those of you also suffering i hope you get better soon too! I'll try the peppermint, ginger and deep breaths. It's really comforting having this network to turn to, as lucky as i am with all the support i have from my boyfriend and family, there is nothing like sharing your experiences with people that have been there and truly can relate.


  • I was in your position 3 weeks ago. I had a chest infection so I couldn't do the deep breaths without needing to cough... which you can imagine was excruciating!

    I also had a catheter because I couldn't pee and was kept in for 2 nights because of it. As for the gas pain - it's the worst bit isn't it. Just try to keep moving, stretch your arms, move your shoulders etc. Once you're home, try a hot water bottle against the pain, it helps. A good back/shoulder rub from a willing friend really helps. And burp and fart it out as much as you can!

    In hospital they gave me hot water with peppermint cordial - it was soothing and seemed stronger (more minty) than normal mint tea.

    All I can say is it does get better, I'm still taking it easy off work but I'm much better 3 weeks on.

    Take care xxx

  • Hi there, i had my first lap last Friday. It's taken til now to really feel human again, but as they say everyone is different. I found it wasn't the general anaesthetic that made me feel sick, rather the gas pressing on my diaphragm that was giving me really bad indigestion. I found if i could get up and walk for 10-30min a day i felt alot better tho exhausted. I drank like a horse, continus drinking to help my liver/kidneys with the painkillers, but that helped to keep things flowing and if your taking codeine really make sure your eating plently of fibre and you dont want constipation. Im not a big tea drinker, but i drank tons of hot water and that helped settle things. Hope you feel better soon.

  • I had my surgery early afternoon and only managed to pee late at night when the nurses told me honey you really have to get up now and try to pee. I really didn't want to get up because the drain tube was causing me terrible pain and nausea. The nurse went to the toilet with me because I had IV drip and a drain bag and it was hard to walk with these while feeling dizzy and sick. Found out it's really difficult to pee when the nurse is standing there right next to you!! After about five minutes we agreed maybe it would be better if she waited outside. It took me at least another five minutes to pee. Sometimes you think it won't happen but if you just try to relax and wait it will come. And it's really important to manage to pee after surgery. A trick that always helps me pee when things feel "stuck" is I wash my hands with really cold water and then put my hands on my tummy. Then I just wait and the cold will always eventually make me pee.

  • Thanks guys, I really wasn't expecting it to be this bad! They sent me home because i emptied my bladder but when i got here i couldn't pee again! It's like a non-stop battle. And like you said NuttyBiscuits, the gas pain is so bad. I've been eating prunes and taking Fibogel for the constipation too as i haven't pooed yet! Also still feeling very dizzy. I think it might be the tramadol or the Nefopam that was making me have trouble Peeing, so I've gone back to Solpadol which hopefully will help on that front. Thanks for all the support again ladies and good luck all!!! Xxx

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