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I have just joined this support forum, and was diagnosed with Endometriosis a year ago. The laporascopy to remove the endo doesn't seem to have worked and the next step for me is to have the merina coil fitted. I wondered if anyone else had had this done, and had a good experience? I really need this to work! I have googled so many horror stories that I have terrified myself, so some good experiences would be welcome :-)

Rachel x

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  • Hi! I had the coil fitted in October last year during my lap. I also heard so many horror stories that I was nervous but my doctor said it should help so I thought I better try it. The first couple of months I was spotting but it actually seems to have settled down this year and so far so good. It's supposed to help with the pain aswell. Apparently it takes 6months to settle so if you have it in and things aren't looking up, give it time to work. Message me if you need to talk 😀 Xx

  • Thank you so much :-)

  • That's ok. It's difficult as everyone has so many negative points but it just varies person to person so I would give it a go. If the worst comes to it, you can always have it out xx

  • I had one fitted for the same reason, it has stopped bleeding altogether from day one, and controlled pain, it hasn't stopped the pain completely but has helped tremendously. I can control the remaining pain with over the counter pain relief. It does come with some side effects though, mainly mood problems and dryness, these are all things that are worth putting up with if your endo problems are severe. Everyone is different and you won't know until you try it.

    I guess it also makes a difference if it hasn't been fitted properly also, as I had one fitted about five years ago and had severe bleeding and discomfort with it, and it ended up expelling. My consultant advised it probably wasn't placed properly.

    I wouldn't be without it now, the mood swings are a small price to pay for relief of long term pain and heavy bleeding.

    Don't let horror stories put you off, give it a try if you think it's the right option for you, if you don't get on with it then you can have it removed. You never know, it may be your saviour!

  • Thank you so much. I am currently on the pill (with no breaks) but its just not cutting it - I have had breakthrough bleeding for the last 2 months and starting to get really bad cramping again. I was on prostap menopause injections before but you cant take those long term, so really hoping this coil helps. I am having it fitted under general anaesthetic though - not sure if this is 'normal' but it would be too painful for me otherwise.

    Thank you so much for being positive, its hard to stay that way sometimes!

  • I have never got in with the pill, I have tried them all. I also had 6 months of zoladex injections, this was the worst time of my life. They were horrible.

    I had my first coil fitted without a general anaesthetic, trust me on this one, having it fitted under general was much better. It was really painful the first time, so I was glad I didn't have to go through that again.

    I agree that it's hard to stay positive, I have had my ups and downs. But finding the right support and the right consultant makes a huge difference.

    Stay positive, once you have found the right treatment for you it does get better. But remember, if the coil doesn't work, then there are other options, you just need make sure you sit down with your consultant and tell them it's not working for you, what can we try next!!!. Good luck, I hope it goes well for you.

  • Thank you so much. I did feel like one of my consultants really didn't know what to do with me, so I organised a second opinion with someone else and she has suggested this coil. Trying to experiment with my diet as well to stop the bloating and cramps.

  • The coil may hopefully resolve your cramps. I must admit though I am still trying to find a solution for the bloating. It is difficult going from one day to the next not knowing if you cloths are going to be tight! It's trial and error at the moment. ☹️ I was told yesterday Peppermint is meant to be good so I am off to buy some today, fingers crossed 🤞

  • Hope the peppermint tea works for you :-)

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