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Merina coil experience and dissolvable stitches!

I had a lap on the 19th of June and had the merina fitted at the same time. I've really struggled more than I would. Im getting married in 7 weeks and I'm the sort of person who won't ask for help or admit defeat. I never want to let any one down but I think I need to start asking for help. I'm only 23 and for the last 3 years I found myself always bleeding, in lost of pain, tired and the bleeding was really heavy. I cant remember having a day off from bleeding. I had a lap done and it showed endo and adhesions on my uterus, my uturus was stuck together, hence why they had problems fitting the coil. So I come round from my 3 hour op being sick, unable to urinate and in lots of pain. I lasted 3 days at home before I went back to the hosptial who told me I had a urine infection. It's now nearly 2 weeks on and I'm still in a lot of pain, back at work after 6 days after the op, which I know is stupid but again I didn't want to let anyone down.

So I'm still bleeding and I feel like I'm on my period like usual, it's not as heavy but the dull period pains I can't get my head around. I also feel like everything inside is about to fall out, sounds horrible I know and I apologise. I wanted to know what other people's experience have been with the coil, like I said I have 7 weeks until my wedding and I hope it gets sorted before my wedding and honeymoon.

Also the dissolvable stitches have not changed since the op, is this normal after nearly two weeks? I thought they would have changed or fallen off by now?

Any one that can help all comments are appreciated!!!

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Hi lovely

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and you probably know now that you went back to work too early; even without the added complications of a urine infection 6 days post op is very quick, unless you have a job which involves mostly sitting down.

If you had a 3 hour op you've probably got lots of bruising in there that needs to heal and internal stitches too.

The Mirena does take time to settle, it can take up to 6 months. And stitches can take a while too, I think mine came out about a month after my gallbladder op and that was only because I kept picking at them...

So yes, in summary - you need to slow down, and you need to ASK FOR HELP! I should imagine you've already got enough going on putting the final touches to the wedding and being at work, you don't need extra hassle. And you certainly don't want to put yourself back in hospital before your big day. Be nice to yourself!

Good luck, and lots of love

C x


I would tell myself the same if I was you... I just can't seem to admit defeat yet. I feel like once I take time off it has defeated me. I don't want people thinking 'oh she is always ill'.... Im just so fed up. But like my husband to be said.... one extra week may save you from taking a year off if you become really poorly.

Thanks for the comment always nice to have the extra support xx


Recovery takes months not days. You went back too soon, aggravated the wounds, delayed the healing process. you should still be at home getting plenty of rest and giving yourself a chance to heal properly.

The stiches will dissolve in several weeks time. Mine were there long after the skin wounds had healed. you can cut them back to the skin or stick plasters on them if they are catching on clothes. You could even try and remove them with sterile tweezers in another week's time. not just yet as you don't want to introduce infections. The skin might be healed but inside certainly won't be.

Post op I was bleeding for 2 weeks quite heavily and it tailed off.

The mirena will not be working by the time of your wedding (and honeymoon) so if you want to be sure that you are not bleeding then, ask your GP for tablets called Norethisterone.

You must remember to take them exactly as prescribed every day and they will delay your next period till such time as you stop taking a tablet or miss a dose.

This can be very useful for a holiday or big even where you don't want the extra worry.

My advice in the strongest terms is to take time off work right away. Your Surgeon and GP would agree I am certain. You must look after your body first and foremost. it's the only one you will ever have.

Post lap op - exercise activity should not be attempted till 10 weeks after surgery.

If you are commuting to work and working full time too...that amounts to a lot of activity. no wonder your poor wounds are not clotting and healing as quickly as they should.

As Chrissy says ....ask other people to carry on with wedding day preparations, definitely put your feet up and rest as much as you can. potter around the house, but at this point you should not even be attempting to carry shopping, certainly not working.

Quite frankly i am surprised your employer took you back so soon, I am quite sure their employee insurance will not be covering you for working there so soon after the surgery you had. As a rule of thumb- if you are still bleeding after any surgery then you do not go back to work.


Thanks so much for the advice.... I would be telling me the exact same if I was you. I just can't seem to stop. I'm a manager of a bridal shop and work alone during the week and only have a Saturday girl who works just for that one day. She has only just started, 3 week this week. I feel under a lot of pressure and my boss is 8.5 months pregnant so I feel like I have no one to turn to for help. I know it's not my problem but I always take it on as if it is.

I took the Norethisterone when I was always bleeding before the op, it never stopped any bleeding nore did it help lighten it up. I will go back to my GP and certainly ask for it again tough. It's def worth a try. Can I ask what you use for pain relief? I've run out and I feel a bit lost at the moment, not sure how to control the pain?

Again thanks so much for the advice xxxx


I did te exact same thing.im 26..i had my lap on 17th June.had endo removed from the right side and my bowel and uterus were stuck together on the left side I also had the coil fitted.this was all after the consultant doing the op told me she thought it was just constipation!!

I went back to work after a week off too.im a childminder so looking after a fair amount of kids and can safely say even now I'm shattered!!

I've ha the exact same feeling as you with the period time pain feeling and the way you feel as though you bottom half is gonna fall from under you!! The bleeding hasn't been to bad in all fairness and I'd be due on now anyway so I'm just waiting to see if it will stop by itself in a day or 2.

The other night I got up to go to toilet and I got stuck on the landing the pain was excruciating in my lower back and stomach.but eventually managed it took strong painkillers and was fine.

I hope your doing ok,how rubbish beig a woman et!! Good luck on the big day!!


It's comforting knowing I'm not the only one. I feel really let down by my gyni, I paid private to see her as the NHS didn't help. I first flagged up this as being a problem in 2003, making me 13. I'm now 23 had the surgery and never saw the consultant after my op as it 'over ran' by 2 hours.

I'm so confused and do not feel myself. I feel bad because everytime I talk to my partner I just say I don't know whats wrong I just need help and cry. He just tells me to take time off work and relax. But I don't. Im currently typing this behind my desk.

Ohhh I don't know. Also I was in the state on mind that the merina coil is supose to stop periods all together? Am I mistaken?

Thanks for the reply xxx


Oh Olivia....

No wonder you're in a state, managing a bridal shop right in the middle of wedding season

But your husband to be is very wise (and incidentally, you're crying because if you didn't already have enough to deal with the lap will have messed your hormones up so you're still recovering emotionally as well as physically and this is entirely normal so don't panic, just have a good cry when you need to) - time off now (and as Impatient says, that's absolutely necessary, not a luxury or a cheek) will save you all sorts of trouble in the long run. Your boss being 8.5 months pregnant isn't ideal at this point either, but that's not her fault - or yours.

Tell your boss you're closing the shop, phone your GP and get an appointment today to sort out pain relief at least, then GO HOME AND REST. Given the situation your GP should be more than happy to sign you off. And they may by now have the gynae report which should tell you more about what happened during the op.

And the Mirena - yes, it should stop your periods, or at least slow them down to a trickle. But it takes time to work, and that's months, not weeks

You poor thing :( I'm so sorry you're feeling so rotten, and I know you're going to feel guilty, but you really, really need this time off.

Keep in touch, and lots of love

C xxx


Can't help with the coil situation but my stitches to AGES to dissolve but they will go....hope you sort everything out soon and have an amazing day on your wedding :D xxx


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