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Newly diagnosed with endometriosis via laparoscopy


Ive been diagnosed with endometriosis, ive read lots online and quite frankly im terrified this pain will never leave.

I had a 8×8 cm endometrial cyst removed from my ovary and had my coil removed during the surgery they found large amounts of endometriosis, and unfortunately im still in agony. Like no different at all, ive been put on Noriday as a contraceptive to try and help ease my pain but I am still having my period. Im sorry if this is too graphic but the blood is unusal it looks lile melted chocolate is this normal?

Also can anyone recommend a contraceptive that has been effective in helping them or is there anything that actually helps ease the pain.

Thanks in advance

Claire :)

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Sorry to hear your troubles Claire. I'm afraid I don't have much advice regarding the birth control you're on but if you are still having pain and other symptoms it could be that not all of your endometriosis was found and effectively removed. Do you know what type of treatment you had? Excision treatment (where endo is cut away rather than burned/lasered/cauterised) is meant to be the gold standard of treatment. There are excision specialists in the country who are skilled at recognising and removing endo successfully so if you haven't been down this path it could be worth exploring.

Wishing you better soon x

Thank you for your reply :)

I had the excision treatment, however the surgeon said there was a lot of it. If i need another surgery do you know if there is a certian amount of time i need to wait between surgeries ?

To be honest I don't know. Do you have contact details for your surgeon? If you're still in pain it might be worth contacting him/her for advice. It could be that some endo was missed.

Yeah great, thank you for your advice. :)

No problem. Good luck x

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