Diagnosed with Endometriosis

4 days ago i had a laproscopy  due to 3 years of unexplained bleeding and pelvic pain ive gone through constant tests of ultrasounds to pelvic mri's which showed other abnormalities which they removed last year i was still bleeding i thought all hope was lost when they failed to give me further tests until the gynecology assistant who i at to see wanted me to have a lapro to see whether endometriosis was causing the problem and ive not long ago had my surgery and ive been diagnosed with endometriosis 

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  • Hey, I'm glad you were able to persist and that you have got a diagnosis. I hope it helps a little at least to know what it is even if it's not a nice thing to have. X

  • Hello, I'm glad you have some answers, where was your endo found and was it removed?? Or are you awaiting another laparoscopy,??

  • It was found in the Douglas. Pouch  I don't know if they removed it there and then but I was bleeding down below after the lap I have yet to see them at another appointment for further discussion and thank you When did your get diagnosed and what location was yours in ? 

  • I was diagnosed in march I had a nodule behind uterus and it was on uterosacral ligaments and ureter, it was removed, and I had Adenomyosis and had hysterectomy in July for that, unfortunately I'm still on pain, and am now seeing a specialist at a bsge centre and awaiting another laparoscopy, I'm currently on zolodex Injection s

    Are you under a bsge centre, if not get your gp to refer you, as your endo us in the pod protocol states you should be operated onat a bsge centre, xx

  • You've definatly been through the wars I feel for you especially if your still in pain and have had hysterectomy that's what I'm scared of losing  I'm not with any bsge centre and I will get me gp to refer me to one  thank you for advice I appreciate it 

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