Laproscopy found endometriosis!

Hi, just got back from the hospital yesterday having had my first laproscopy when I woke up in the recovery ward next to theatre the doctor told me they had found and removed the endo that was on my left ovaries in spots/clusters I started to cry not because I as upset but because since the age of 15 I've struggled and doctor after doctor has told me I've got ibs!!! Ive been in so much pain for what seems like forever now 23 I'm so happy they have realised it is endometriosis. I know even though I have my diagnosis it's still going to be very hard but overall I'm happy that finally after 8 years I have some answers! I'm in a lot of pain from the surgery I'm taking co-codamol but still hurts a lot. It's hard to even talk too but I only had it done at 12pm yesterday! Does anyone have any tips for recovery or things that help? Thanks Georgia xxxxx

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I can imagine your relief after suffering so long! It's probably not the right way of saying it but congratulations on your successful surgery which has finally answered your problems! Wishing you a speedy recovery xx

Thank you! Xx

Just take it easy, rest and small walks when up to it, peppermint tabs or tea is good for the trapped gas if you have shoulder pain, and lots of pillows a good book and box set,

Congratulations and a speady recovery and pain free future, xxxx

Thank you :) just got some peppermint tea! Xxx

I want to give you a big hug! So glad you've finally been diagnosed and now know what you're dealing with.

Yes to peppermint tea. When you feel able to move a little and do very gentle stretches or gentle walks around your home. The gas from the surgery can cause a lot of pain right up to the shoulders. The only way to get rid of it is to gently move and get it out! Rest and sleep as much as you can. It takes time to heal. Do post on here if you're worried about anything. The women on here are a great source of knowledge xx

Thank you! Such a lovely message! Will try and walk around a bit my tummy feels so swollen and it hurts to sit up but the op was only yesterday so got to give it time xxxx

Yes, very early days. Last time I had Endo surgery I also had kidney surgery for an unrelated illness so it took me a long time to recover. Even if you only manage to walk about for a few mins extra on your way to and from the bathroom each time it should help get rid of the gas and swelling gradually. Apart from that, rest rest rest. Your body has been through a lot. Take care xx

Also I'd maybe ask for ibuprofen or another anti-inflammatory painkiller to take alongside codeine. It will hopefully help to calm down the pain associated with inflammation from surgery. If you're still experiencing a lot of pain after that the consultant should be able to prescribe something stronger. I took codeine, tramadol and ibuprofen together. Tramadol knocks me out but a sweet respite from the pain. Stay cosy and I wish you a speedy recovery xx

Try to avoid using your tummy to sit up because this will be very painful. I find its best to roll to your side (right side if you're right handed) draw your legs up towards your chest and push yourself up with your arms. Easier said than done when you're feeling tired but it's less painful than using your tummy. X

That is much easier than trying to use my tummy thank you! Xxxx

I am the same laparoscopy had in November last and still in pain now

Oh no really! :( have they said how come? X

No still in pian now but wake up all night x

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