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Recently diagnosed with Endometriosis

Hi, I have recently been diagnosed with endometriosis in December when they done a laparocopy to investigate all the pain I was getting! Have been put on the contraceptive pill but wondering if there is anything that you thought worked better for you! I know that there's no cure for this but something that helps the pain ect when it does flare up

Thanks in Advance

Laura :-)

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Hi Laura,

I take tumeric, coral calcuim and vitamin B and omega 3s. Ialso eat bannanas,oatmeal and walnuts this helps with the pain and fatigue. I hope you feel better.

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Hi, will try these to see if they help. Thank you for your help and the operation helped abit since they removed most of it but still plays up sometimes :-)


You are welcome get plenty of rest and try to stay away from chronic stress. Massages also help me i get them monthly. Take care. (:



I found that the microgynon pill worked really well for me to the point that it took away most of the pain, sadly I got a DVT after a knee op so had to be taken off this and I haven't found anything that works for me.


Hi Laura

I also agree plenty of rest. I have been taking the contraceptive yasmin alongside b12 vitamin c (to keep the immune up) plenty of water fruit and veg. And ibuprofen to stop inflammation. I'm doing alot better since. Just had my period and was up and carrying on as normal (without over doing it) for the first time in a yr. Its a matter of trial and error for each individual.


Hi, I havnt Ben diagnosed by lap yet, just waiting for the day, but I've read magnesium and selenium are good, I'm going health care shopping tomoz, something's got to work, I've had a real painfull weekend.

Good luck,


i got diagnosed in june after surgery to remove a 5inch cyst on my left ovary, since then i have been on cocodamol 30/500 and swiitched to the 8/500. i wasnt taking any form of contraception and havent been for a year and a half ( i get married in 5 months time and decided to see what happens) my pain has came back and now reluctantly back on loestrin to see if it helps. im still trying to see what else works! keep trying x


Find a proper excision specialist and get your endo removed properly. I'm currently recovering from a total peritoneal excision and I've never felt better.

Endo may not have a cure but excision is pretty darn close because once it's cut out of your body properly it shouldn't grow back or if it does it will not be as bad.

the best excision surgeon's in the UK are all based up north but soo worth the trip if you have to travel!!!


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