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i have diagnosed of endometriosis

hi everyone i was diagnosed of Endometriosis end of the year last year and my doctor prescribed me to take  a oral contraceptive pill  for 3 months straight with no period.

and then after the 3 months i have my period again and the pain is still there but its a little bit less than before but   still the pain can interrupt me   while im  working..and i went to visit my doctor again just yesterday she told me to take the contraceptive again for another 6 months straight with no period ,,

im worried if there's a side effect of skipping a period for how many months..

im hoping someone can help  me to clear this,,

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Hi my gyno has advised me of the same and it sometimes works but sometimes my body just insists on having a period anyway when the packet comes to an end, eventhough I start the new packet. So you may get breakthrough bleeding and endo pain. 

I think you have to say to yourself what's worse having a period every month with endo pain or having some relief from the pain by only having your period every 3-6months?

You could choose to have the coil or implant both which are supposed to stop your periods completely it just depends what works for your body and what you are comfortable with. 

There are discussions of whether taking the pill long term has a negative effect but like I say they are just discussions I think listening to your gyno or GP would be the best option and any concerns about the pill ask them. Alternatively your local family planning clinic can be really helpful to go over the options and the nurses had knowledge of endometriosis when I went so can be really helpful if you are struggling to get a GP appointment. 

Before I was diagnosed I wasn't a fan of taking any type of medication but sometimes you just have to to make yourself better :)


thank you very much.. reading your message is a big relief ..

i will not be worried everyday everytime i will take the pill :)


Hi Juliet, 

I was given the same advice from my doctor/gynaecologist & have successfully 'tricycled' the pill for years (on and off). I did have a little bit of breakthrough bleeding to begin with but it soon settled down. My periods have always fallen back into a regular pattern pretty much straight away whenever I've stopped taking the pill. I felt the same as you, worried I'd be causing harm but as far as I'm aware it's had no lasting effect and definitely decreased the pain. 

I hope this was helpful! X

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thank you for your message it helps a lot ..

i will not be worried everytime i will take the pill..


I am pretty sure that the pill can be taken continuously for a long period of time. 

But I think with doing that you may get some break through bleeding the longer you don't have a break from the pill.

My mum took the pill continously for over a year, because her endo was quite bad, and she had tried everything else.

So if the pill works for you then there is no reason why you can't take it back to back. Have you not given any thought of another contraceptive option?


i never had break through bleeding  for the past three months while  i skip my periods that was   last december till february .. but  i was experiencing  a bit of cramps before i started another pack of pill even i dont have  my periods or any spots,....

tomorrow i will start another pack of pill for another 6 months with no periods.. thankfully this time i did not feel the cramps..

the doctor didnt gave  me another options of contraceptive,,,


Hey hun,

I too was in the same boat as you, I just simply couldnt have a period because they are just too painful, I am on microgynon and my consultant said I am okay to skip the periods, I havent had a period now for a year and 2 months, im awaiting lap to remove endo and gonna see how my periods are after that, they said skipping the periods wont do any damage soo, upto you xxx


hi thank your for sharing..

im taking Althea im gonna see how it goes after six months..coz my doc told me to skip my periods  for another six months and will visit her again..


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