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mirena inserted a week ago. pelvic/tummy pain horrendous and bowel trouble too =/

Hi peeps,

I am relatively new to this forum. Had the mirena put in last week and the first few days, there was no pain (as i was under the influence of morphine/tramadol most likely) I had a biopsy done for uterine polyp and endo tissue for which i'm awaiting the results.

Only 4 days of having the mirena inserted, I have started to experience excruciating cramps which don't go away too often (maybe an hour or so max) I am already on 2 x Naproxen a day and the tabs aren't really alleviating the pain. I started what would have been my period the weekend just gone, which I don't mind and the bleeding is nowhere near as heavy as before (with clots and flooding) Any advice to shift the pain however? I'm only just managing to go into work but the pains are horrendously sharp, particularly in the mornings after a bowel movement in my groin/ pelvic area =/ really sore and quality of life being affected big time =(

any advice would be most appreciated x

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I had this, I was told that the body is having contractions as it's not used to the coil and naturally would want to reject a foreign body. However I am not so sure that's what it was. The pain did go away, after further tests I found my pain was also related to other issues (a slow releasing ovary and some scar tissue).

Diet to help digestion, trial and error, yoga, exercise, these are all things that helped me. I sat through new business meetings wanting to faint from the pain thinking it was normal. Don't do this, rest!

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hi jusgem. yes, i imagined its the body still getting used to the foreign object in the uterus and I hope to ride it out but how long for, is what I'm having to adjust to. It's hateful being in that much pain!

I've wondered if doing any exercise helps but the way i'm feeling to be honest, i just want to get the hot water bottle out and go to sleep (in this blistering summer heat!) I worried at first becuase the pains were so sharp, that it could have been a perforation from the mirena against the uterus lining and that this type of pain was abnormal as it had been going on for so long.

Yoga you say? that might be a start =)


Have you checked that you can find the threads? I was told that the two most likely causes of severe pain after a Mirena are either it's out of position or you've picked up an internal infection.

Having said that, I got nasty cramps initially which with hindsight I think was my body trying to expel it. I believe this is more likely if you've never had children. They faded with time.


I've continued to do martial arts these past 8 years. I take it easy when I have pain, I stretch, I rest. Honestly I feel worse if I don't work out. Not working out is punishing the rest of your body at the same time. The fitter you are the easier it is to cope. Listen to your body is really the best advice I can give.


Hey there Fabbird. I had a feel for the threads earlier this morning but couldn't locate them, have to say. whether i didn't reach up far enough, I'm not sure but I didn't want to aggravate the crampy sensation anymore either/ push anything out of place. it's never straight forward is it? =/

No, I've not had children so far have to say so I'm hoping the pain is down to the body trying to rebel, as you suggested.

I was very sceptical at getting the mirena in from the get-go really (had tried implant/birth pill - no-go however hadn't tried the injection) and when i went into hospital last week, i was miffed at the doctor saying they had consent for putting the mirena in when I'd only initially talked to gynae about it. I had never consented to it. But i thought afterwards, hey, while i'm under general anaesthetic for the hysteroscopy, biopsy and polypectomy, I should get it put in to calm my dysmenorrhea/flooding as i've heard the insertion is mighty painful !

Still not sure if it's endo or not. I get the test results back in 2 weeks !

I hope these excruciating cramps do fade over time - there's only so much pain you can handle and taking ibuprofen/naproxen/ paracetamol long term can't be good for your system =/


If you can't find the threads, it might be good to see the practice nurse at the GP just to check. I know it will be painful, but if it is out of position it needs seeing to asap.

I'm sorry to hear that they gave you a Mirena without proper consent. That's bad. But it is pretty easy to remove. Just another visit to the practice nurse.

I found the cramping was bad for the first couple of months and then it gradually faded. Once you can feel it reducing in intensity it's easier to put up with. By six months I was pain free and glad I had persisted. But it all depends how bad it is for you and whether you can stand the level of pain it gives you.

Good luck with it.


hi again, i am scheduled to visit my G.P next thurs so i hope i can get this resolved soon. i have had my first period since being on the mirena and although the flow isn't huge, the pain is pretty bad. i'm thinking that being on a period has increased it slightly. the blood texture is very strange and stringy to say the least!

thanks for your advice though =)


Went to the docs btw guys... she found the threads and did a wee swab whilst she there, just to make sure it wasn't an infection that was causing the pain as i would be prone to getting those at almost any opportunity. grr =/ mirena has now been in 3 weeks and ive noticed an increase of bleeding these last 3 days too. I wonder if this is normal? I could cope with discharge but im hoping im not going back to that wretched flow from before =(


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