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On mirena & 5mg primoulet n 4 times a day? Too much ?

hi all I was diagnosed year & half go & they inserted mirena. Before these I used to flood bleed & end up in a& e . Mirena only stopped the flooding but not bleed so I was put on primoult n3 times a day , which seemed to work. Over last 3 mths I bleeding again so I now am on 4 a day , still get a bleed with severe cramping but not every day . My consultant tells me 4 is too much but what am I suppose to do? Bleed to death , she also said that bleeding is not common with endo . Is this right? I'm 36 & keep going but sometimes feel like medics don't care!

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Hi eve, I don't know how much I can help, but I didn't want your post to go unanswered! I have endo but my main symptom has always been severe pain and luckily my periods have never been tremendously heavy, but you only have to skim through the posts on here to realise that many women with endo do have heavy periods. I don't know from your post how certain they are of your diagnosis, have you had a lap? Sometimes fibroids can also give severe pain and heavy periods. I can't really help much with the medication question either, but I hope you get the answers you're looking for soon. X


Thanks for speedy reply . Just found this site . Yes had a lap last Christmas & have endo & fibroids . Been looking at other peoples posts & am learning a lot . Thanks eve x


No worries. I have "minimal" endometriosis but I have been having ongoing problems with it despite having a lap and treatment only in may, like many others with this disease. I know what you mean about hcps, they treat you and make out the medication/ opwill besome magic cure and they won't need to see you again but if course this is rarely the case! Good luck with it all, hope someone else with a similar experience comes along soon. X


Hi there, just wanted to say that I don't know how she can say its not common to have heavy bleeding with endo. You go to any medical site or even endometriosis uk's site and heavy bleeding is listed as a symptom! I bled continually for 16 weeks when the pain first started and that led my GP to believe I had endo. Even with taking norethisterone continually for 2 years didn't stop the initial bleed kicking in when I had my Mirena put in, the first 4 days were hell and I wanted to pull it out. I'm still taking the norethisterone for now as my consultant advised me to continue at least until he has seen me and my appointment is next Monday.

Is it worth speaking to your GP or someone at nhs direct to get an opinion if it's too much? Maybe the primoulet isn't working for you now and could you change to something else like norethisterone? I don't know if they're the same thing or just similar. I'm sorry you're going through this, it's no fun and frustrating when you can't get the answers. At first my GP was treating me with antibiotics telling me I had an infection so it was only after 4 different antis and a thrush treatment that she suggested endo. I ended up at a&e twice but it was a waste of time, I was offered paracetamol saying they couldn't give me anything stronger and the guy I saw had the nerve to suggest it was a sexual disease and I need to be more careful and just shrugged when I pointed out the man holding my hand was my husband! The other time I was given buscopan. Sorry for waffling but I just wanted to say you're not alone and was it worth trying to see someone at your GP for an opinion. I hope the bleeding stops for you soon.

Annabel xxx


Thanks for all your replies - To be quite honest its all new to me and from what I have read on this site - it will always be a changeble disease. the promoulet is the same as norethisterone.. Im in Eire so they may call meds different over here. Having a good day today so maybe it has calmed down - for a day anyway ha.. any I keep positive and keep going - thanks again


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