Endo and bowel trouble

Hi all,

I'm new to the site and so sorry to hear all of you are suffering so badly. I don't know yet if I have endo. I have been told that I have IBS following a colonoscopy which was clear. I had open surgery in 2014 to remove to big dermoid cysts. Unfortunately, after this operation I have developed really bad tummy troubles where I have pain and have to rush to the toilet. Prior to the op I had heavy periods and pain but no tummy troubles. This really is my biggest problem as sometimes I can't leave the house! Does anyone else with endo suffer with this? I'm unsure whether it is just IBS or maybe endo as my symptoms seem to be worse during and the week after my period?! Thanks in advance, Sarah

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  • I should also add that after the op I have pain during sex and am having trouble conceiving too 😢

  • Have you got an appt with a gynaecologist booked? I suffer with IBS as well as endo and found certain food groups can flare it up depending on where I am in my cycle.

    For now all I can say is try cutting out different food groups/types to see if anything is aggravating your stomach. I find that dairy and bread causes a lot of my symptoms.

    Pain during and after sex are common as well with endo.

    Keep going back to your doctors until you get referred, I used to ring every time I was doubled up in pain.

    I hope everything works out for you xxx

  • Thanks for responding jade. I've been on a restricted diet of no yeast, gluten or dairy and following fodmap diet for 6weeks now and for no reason yesterday my tummy was really bad again 😢 I just don't understand why, it's so frustrating and not getting much help from the Drs. I've got a private consultations with a gastroenterologist next month but not holding out much hope xx

  • I know how you feel. I can go 3 days without going, then all of a sudden it's awful or vice versa. Ask your Dr's about tablets to take for IBS. You take them before every meal and it helps your body break down good. I can't remember the name of them but they really helped me.

    Good luck for your appointment, just be persistent. I went to the Dr's for 7 years before I had one who listened, so it's about finding the right Dr to listen to you xx

  • Thanks jade. Are the tablets an antispasmodic? Xxx

  • Hi, I suffer from endo and similar symptoms to you. I was told I have IBS but I've never had food testing or a colonoscopy so not sure because symptoms of this and endo are very similar. X

  • Thanks for your reply. Can I ask how you manage it? I've been taking loperamide when symptoms are particularly bad but would prefer to find a solution rather than just managing symptoms! Xx

  • I avoid caffeine so tea and coffee and even Coke all decaf because I've found it gives me stomach ache and diarrhoea. I also have had lopiromide when I get bad. Recently prescribed mebeverine- seems to be working, I take it 20 mins before food. Other than that peppermint tea and sometimes ginger tea xx

  • Thank you! Yes I've been prescribed mebrevine too. It does help in the main but yesterday I was bad again unfortunately and had many urgent trips to the loo. It's so embarrassing! 😢

  • Totally embarrassing especially in social situations! 🙈 I write a blog about endo and its symptoms if you want to follow it- angelpiesite.wordpress.com


  • Thank you I will. Take care xxx

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