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Pain with mirena and endo


A bit of back story.

I've not got an official diagnosis of endometriosis yet but it's suspected. I have had an ultrasound that didn't show anything. And an MRI that I'm waiting for the results of. My next appointment with the gynecologist is end of September. It was suggested in my last appointment I try the mirena coil.

I had the mirena fitted two weeks ago and I have had increasingly bad cramps since. I've seen the doctor's twice and they have tried different pain killers and suggested trying "distraction techniques". I don't want the coil removing if it might help but not sure whether it will.

I'm now in so much pain that I am off work and considering going to A&E. Does anyone have experience with this? What did you do?

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Hi I had mirena fitted last Friday and they say it takes around 3-6 months to fully settle. I’ve had bad cramps too but if it’s that intense I’d get it checked out just to make sure there’s no underlining problems from having it fitted xxx

Thank you. I was told the bad cramps should have settled by now. Hence my concern. I hope you're settles down soon

Did they explain fully about that your body might expel it etc? I’d just monitor the pain and if you’re concerned just go see someone. Better to be reassured! By yes unfortunately takes a while until fully settled but hopefully after the six months periods should settle or have nothing at all and then hopefully no pain! Xxx

Yeah they did. That's why I'm so reluctant to get it removed as it may help in the long run. It's the short term pain that I'm struggling with. Thank you for your support

What sort of pain do you have? Is it just post coil or was it the same before?

It's similar to before. But more intense

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