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Bleeding concerning amounts


Ladies I need your help, any advice or messages will be helpful and appreciated massively.

I have recently got my doctor to refer me to a gynaecologist where I am located. I have been in the worst pain I've ever known. I am 17 and extremely scared, I have been bleeding a considerable amount in the past half an hour- hour. I've been bleeding everywhere like its not what I have ever experienced.

I'm so scared I need help!!!!!

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Hey Hun, I know it's so scary I'm only 18. If it's worrying you call 111 talk to a nurse they will know whether you need to go in or not to A&E. Hope everything goes is okay, feel free to message me if you ever need someone to talk to who gets it and is of similar age. Xx

Hi hun you need to go straight to A &.E, I don't want to scare you but you might be haemorrhaging, you need to be seen straight away, I know your 17 but is there any chance you could be pregnant, sorry to ask, please don't take that the wrong way, I am just ruling things out xx

I went for an ultrasound last week to see my ovaries etc and they couldn't see anything like that xx

I don't wanna ring 111 because my mum is on nightshift and everyone's asleep ☹️☹️☹️☹️

Babe it doesn't matter who is asleep, I know your thinking about them and worried in case you wake them up, but they will understand, your health is far more important xx

When did u start bleeding

I've been bleeding since Monday night, but only today have I been extremely bad xx

Right ok babe, when you went for your scan you wasn't bleeding, so they wouldn't have seen anything like that on scan, there is a chance that they have caused this when they scanned you, but you need to go straight to A&E hun xx

I've been back and fourth from A&E the past month and they say they can't do anything untill I am referred xx

Where about are you from xx

And even that could be 6 weeks xx

I'm from newcastle xxx

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